Release - Alaska (Gotham public beta)

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Yogafrog Offline
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Hi Hitcher,

I really appreciate your work with the Alaska Skin. It's simply the most beautiful :-). The only thing I really miss is Live TV support. I wonder why it's possible to configure it in the settings menu but it's not possible to access it from the home menu or to activate the Live TV view in the settings. Do I miss something or is it just not implemented yet?

Looking forward to the newest version of the best xbmc skin ever!!!!

Many Regards,
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almozayaf Offline
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I have Gotham 13.2 but still can't install it can any one help
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Ram2000 Offline
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(2014-08-03 10:07)Hitcher Wrote:  Looks like a WIP version got added to the repo when I updated iPlayer.

Delete all copies of the skin including the zip in addons/packages and re-download from my repo or manually from this link.

(2014-10-15 19:41)almozayaf Wrote:  I have Gotham 13.2 but still can't install it can any one help
did you try this. also might help if we knew what OS and device your using :-)
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drizzt09 Offline
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I get that has not met requirements in 13.2
Any update for this?

thank you
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