Artwork Downloader shortcut in contextual menu?

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I recently started trying out various skins in order to find one more in line with my "needs" and so far I'm really hesitating between Ace and Aeon MQ5.
I really like the customization options in MQ5 but I think I have a slight preference for Ace because it's so fast and some aspects of it look better in my opinion (the "show progress panel", the font and the weather integration to the horizontal menu for example).

Anyway, there is a really handy function in MQ5 I'm missing in Ace: the two "Get Logo/Clearart" options in library item's contextual menu. It's really useful to me since my girlfriend prefers the panel/wall type of views and using the top menu is not very practical.
I therefore would like to try adding it to Ace.

The problem is, I've never done anything that (seemingly) complex. I did some simple stuff like adding logos to some views (on other skins) and tweaking some image sizes but never something as intricated as modifying a menu. So I don't really know where to start (and I don't even know if it's doable for a non-skinner like me to be honest). I would really appreciate if somebody could point me to the general direction of where to start, and maybe help me a little bit more if possible.

Thank you very much. Smile

EDIT: Never mind, I did it. It was much easier than anticipated.
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