Mac OS X - Mac mini late 12, Lip Sync error

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Thanks for the post clarifying things! There really seems to be a problem between the HDMIs of the mini and the new TV. (and the Pivos? you mentioned you had the issue there as well.)
As I have never experienced or read about this particular issue I can not really contribute any more solutions. It still seems strange that the video arrives too early - the audio too late. Are you sure about that? In all my sync issues as well as the many posts I read about on the web it was the inverse: audio arriving too early because the TV does something that delays the video signal.
You could try labelling the HDMI input of the TV to "PC" that fixed sync issues for a lot of people with LG TVs (it disables a lot of post processing).

Edit: The only times when audio arrived too late are when people use their TV's optical out (sending the audio from the HTPC via HDMI). You could still try that - with the possible issue of losing passthrough depending on your model.
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