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(2015-04-11 21:33)svetiev Wrote:  Hi everyone, I tried the plugin and it seems to work fine.

However cyrillic fonts are not displayed correctly as well as some of the special latin characters used in eastern european languages. So far nothing that I've done has made any effect or change.

If anyone else has had this problem and found a solution could you post it here please.

Thank you.

I found a temporary solution and posted it here.

Quote:Ok thanks to Amet I finally have this figured out. It's not a completely satisfying solution, but it's better than nothing.

Here is the solution step by step to make Cyrillic subtitles display correctly:

1. First create the folder in which we will place the cyrillic supporting font. Use this guide (I've tested it on windows only):


~/Library/Application Support/Kodi/Media/Fonts (If the fonts folder doesn't exist create it)


Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/Fonts/ (If the fonts folder doesn't exist create it)


Start - type %APPDATA%\kodi\media\Fonts - press Enter (If the fonts folder doesn't exist create it)


~/.kodi/Fonts (If the fonts folder doesn't exist create it)


/storage/.kodi/Fonts (If the fonts folder doesn't exist create it)

2. Next you need to get a font with Cyrillic support in it. I repeat not a Cyrillic font but one with cyrillic support in it (like the kind you write with in Word when you switch the language button in the windows taskbar). You can search for one online, or if on windows you can navigate to the Windows Fonts folder (C:\Windows\Fonts) and there I recommend taking Arial Unicode MS Regular, just copy it and paste it into Kodi's Fonts folder. It will its display filename as ARIALUNI.TTF and that's how you'll see it in Kodi's settings menu.

3. Open Kodi and go to: System > Video > Subtitles > Character Set

There choose Cyrillic Windows. While you're there go to Font to use for text subtitles and change the font to ARIALUNI.TTF using the arrows on the right.

Finally close and restart Kodi and the next time you play a movie your Cyrillic subtitles should playback correctly.

The downside is that other latin based eastern european font characters won't so you have to change back to Central European (Windows). It's a bummer but for now at least it works somehow.
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First you need to set up character set in Kodi -> Settings -> Video -> Subtitles.

For cyrillic you need to choose Cyrillic(Windows), i use this settings and default font is arial and every things is working well on, mac, win and linux, I haven't any problem with Serbian Cyrillic and Macedonian.

And for latin only choose Central Europe (Windows), also default font is arial, and i have no problem on mac, win and linux.

If your settings are like this everything should work without problem.

If you use automatic conversation from latin to cyrillic from plugin, plugin convert subtitle to utf8 so Kodi reads without problem.

For any other problem please send log file.
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