Windows - Loving AEON NOX But Banging My Head Against a Wall

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Hi All,
I apologise if this is covered somewhere, but I have been searching and fiddling with this for so long now that even my wife has had enough of me tinkering with XBMC Gotham and Aeon Nox.

Here is what I'm trying to achieve and failing to do so:

Home screen with the following menu items:
TV Shows
Misc Videos
Weather, Youtube, Add-ons, etc

So, with Movies and TV Shows things seem to be doing what I'd like them to. When I scroll over to the menu item on the home screen, random fanart displays. Awesome. I go into the menu item and then inside I see all the fantastic fanart, etc

The Kids and Misc Videos are separate folders (shares on my NAS like Movies and TV Shows) which contain a mixture of movies and tv shows. I've set them up as custom home menu items in settings and set the action attribute to: ActivateWindow(Videos,X:\kids, return) and I have set the background to display random movie fan art. What this does is it scrolls through ALL movie fan art, inclusive of horror movies, etc which is not what I want. I want it to scroll through the fanart of ONLY the content in this folder.

Also, when I am on the home screen and I go into the menu item (let's say kids), I am greeted with a folder view and folder icons instead of the nice list view with all the fan art as in Movies and TV Shows. This is frustrating and I have to go into the folder and then highlight the file before I get the nice fanart.

Then onto Pictures - I'd like the same thing to happen on the home menu. I scroll onto Pictures and I'd like it to scroll through random pictures from my Pictures folder like a slide show.
Music - I'd like to scroll onto the home menu item for Music and have it scroll through the album art of the albums and music that I have in my music folder. I've tried to point the backgrounds to the music folder or to the kids folder, but I get the feeling that Aeon Nox will not traverse the folder structures for this type of content.

I think you get the picture of what I'd like to do.

I don't want to use widgets, to me they give a less polished feeling to what is otherwise and incredibly clean and awesome looking skin.

I'm stuck, I'd really appreciate someone's help with this because I can see so much potential, but I do feel like it's heavy work to get it how I'd like. Confused
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1. Use smartplaylists instead of ActivateWindow(Videos,X:\kids, return)
2. you need to split your fanart for each category yourself for display
3. using background fanart is not recursive. it needs to be in a one level folder

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If you use the latest gotham branch from github or wait for an update it will be possible to show fanart on home menu based on video playlists.
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If you use the latest git version of script.skinshortcuts, or wait for an update, you'll be able to select your sources as a menu entry, and choose to either display as non-library (as your current menus do), or to have a smart playlist built which will show your library content from that source.
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Thanks for all your input, guys. I'll give it a go and see how I get on

Many thanks
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