Kodi 15 - New Dynamic List on Home Menu

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Angelinas Offline
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This is new way for showing PVR -TV.
Only with comads left,right,up,down showing all info and play channels on Home Menu.Widgate can open Live TV in view for moves,music,programs...
I created 4 (four) different widgate for Live TV,widgate can disable with radio button and if are visible they load automatic like all widgate in skin.
I will wait MarcosQui to released AeonMQ6,if he doesent include this widgate and more things about LiveTV,this thread will be my MOD version of PVR for AeonMQ6...
Till then ,just release pictures how want to looks like new PVR....

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pacoma2610 Offline
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Looks very nice i made also some Changes and wait of marcosQui to release the MQ6 hope there is gone soon.

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bvainrub Offline
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We have first information about MQ6 from 2014 June and until today this version not released .
I hope too there is gone soon
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