Cant access settings

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Hi, I'm relatively new to XBMC/Kodi and have no technical knowledge re linux based systems.

Ive recently installed Openelec on my Nuc, and at some point I lost half of my home screen buttons. Now i only have favourites and videos and no way to access the settings or the file manager. I have tried numerous keyboard/remote button combinations and can find no way to get back to them. Ive read about accessing the userdata folder and deleting the gui.xml file but I have no idea how to do this.

Can anyone help?
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If you know the IP of xour box, take putty and SSH (wiki) in

After you are in, you can either edit or delete the guisettings.xml file. Look for thismfile in /storage/.kodi/userdata

If you don't care about your settings, you can doma factory reset by renaming the .kodi folder...

mv /storage/.kodi /storage/kodi-old

this will do a factory reset and a new .kodi folder will be created at next boot.


Edit: the ssh wiki mentions 'Kodibuntu'...don 't care about it, it works for openelec in the same way
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