Hardware/software to record OTT streaming

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fearo Offline
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Not sure if I'm posting this in the right sub-forum, so feel free to move this around if needed.

I am looking for a device/software/add-on that will let me record live video streams from add-ons either in Kodi or from android apps.

What I'm basically trying to accomplish is this:
Every saturday night, there is a certain US sports event I want to watch, broadcast by a certain US TV channel that has an app for watching online, but has no 'on demand' feature. So basically, if I don't watch it, it's gone.
I live in Western Europe, so saturday night for Americans means middle of the night for us. I receive this channel legally OTT, but there is no other way for me to receive this channel, as I am not located in the USA.
What I want to do is be able to record the event and watch it the next day, either through a physical device, or software.

The box I would be streaming from is an Nvidia Shield.

What it definitely needs is:
- Being able to record in Full HD for at least 3 hours straight (either to a built in HDD or to my Nvidia Shield)
- Have a timer, so I can choose when it starts to record.
- Have easy playback capabilities, either through the device itself or from my Shield.

My objective is to not use a PC, so I'm looking for a standalone device, or software that I can run from my Nvidia Shield.
I have already checked out some software called Playon Playlater, but this involves the use of a PC and doesn't have a timer, so it's not really what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance.
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smitopher Offline
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I fear... you are asking how to violate the terms of service of the OTT service.

I think the geo restrictions are STUPID but they are part of the agreement with your OTT service. I think this forum has explicit policies that prohibit any discussion on subverting TOS.
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As already mentioned...

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fearo Offline
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I've read that article before, and what I gathered from it, is that it's a grey area, largely depending on what you want to do with your recording.

I don't want to build an illegal collection of Netflix episodes, I want to be able to watch a sports event a few hours later from when it was broadcast.

For the sake of not having my topic removed, let's say I want to record something from a Belgian (my home country) OTA channel, which allows for recording, but does not provide any hardware/software to do so.
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noggin Online
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I think the reality is that there are myriad ways of delivering OTT services, so other than 'screen recording' any solution will be bespoke for the platform in question. It's probably quite a tricky subject to discuss here, as it is likely to be in contravention of most (though not all) terms of service for most OTT providers.
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