Xiaomi 4K HDR 'Mi Box' (Android TV set-top box)

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I'm not looking for autoswitch, I set the mibox to 4k 24hz everytime I turn it on (sometimes it remembers the resolution conf) and then I go to kodi, but the interface it is still in 1080p. Just wanted to know how to watch native 4k in kodi with mibox

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Kodi's Graphic User interface (and the Android TV interface too I believe) is 1080p only and that is exactly what it is telling you.
It will be upscaled to 4K by the Mi Box itself when you select a 4K2K Resolution in Android settings.

4K video will be output at 4K if you Manually select a 4K2K Resolution in Android settings first. Everything else below that will be upscaled by the Mi Box Hardware. You may notice a "Soft" picture output when this happens, same as seen on other Android boxes.

If you want all this Auto Resolution Switching and Refresh switching to work seamlessly you need to stop using Android all together. You will get superior (non HDR) 720/1080/2160p(4K) picture outputs shown on a 4K TV by moving away from Android as well.
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There is a new kodi version 17.2Big Grin
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