Linux - Kodi 16.1 on Xubuntu 16.04: UPnP MediaRenderer undiscoverable

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I have a HTPC with a fully patched installation of Xubuntu 16.04.1 LTS. Installing Kodi from the Ubuntu repo installs Kodi version 15.2; with this version I can reliably discover the Kodi MediaRenderer and stream music, but I can't play DVDs (see I enabled the XBMC PPA (, which allows me to install Kodi 16.1; in 16.1, DVD playback is fine, but the UPnP discovery is now extremely unreliable, with the discovery usually yielding no results. Nothing else has changed on the system.

I can reliably get UPnP control points to detect the presence of a MediaRenderer by disabling and the re-enabling the "Allow remote control via UPnP" option in Kodi, but this is a terrible nuisance. netstat indicates Kodi is indeed listening on the UDP port 1900 used for UPnP SSDP, and tcpdump shows that the discovery packets are indeed reaching the HTPC, but no responses are sent out. Disabling the firewall service has no effect.

What might cause this behavior? Is there a work-around?
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