Kodi 17 - Migrate Krypton library back to Jarvis?/Synchronise ratings

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I've had a day off so hopefuilly less grumpy.
(2017-03-20 22:17)VelvetKevorkian Wrote:  Sorry i didn't give enough info - but i've had this music library for quite a while, changed paths using SQL apps etc so i assumed it was just causing issues now with the newer version or the transition to it went wrong.
I've always had backups, but i had some HDD issues recently so i lost most of them - all but one.
I'm back at Jarvis for now without issues (and backed that one up again).
Always good to take backups of your library, especially when trying new versions etc. I guess everyone has suffered a painful data loss at least once in a lifetime, then you get better at backups.

As for SQL changes to path causing the v17 issues, I just don't know for sure, but my bet would still be on an addon being at fault. Of course I'm a core data guy so I woud say that.

Quote:So next thing i'll try is a new KODI 17 install with a new library, then a rescan/transfer of the old one etc until i know what went wrong.
Some things i've already done is testing various skins, playback with/without extra addons (e.g. artist slideshow, screensavers etc)

Trying again would be a good idea, do so systematically and start a new thread to report any problems or ask questions. I will gladly help you, but I need you to do your part. Start with a clean install - default skin, no extra addons. Work in portable mode so not to interfere with any working Jarvis insatllation. If there isa problem with Kodi, or your data that is the way to find it.
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That's what i was planning to do, time permitting

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