Linux - HOW-TO make XBMC for Linux auto start on Ubuntu

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I would suggest to use "Remote Launcher". This is the server part:

Then you install "Remote Launcher" on your Android device:

Then you can add launchers (actions) to get executed on server.
I suggest executing .sh scripts in app, direct commands can turn out non functional sometimes.
It's a single click to start XBMC, kill it, start Emulator games directly by command, kill it, start Spotiamp (Wine) to stream Spotify to it etc.

Using that method and having only one sound application at once will allow you to use bit perfect sound for every application without trouble.
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(2008-10-06 04:30)MrCerulean Wrote:  I built a media centre PC specifically to run XBMC on Linux. I'm using the PPA's on Hardy Heron (8.04). Since this box is only going to run XBMC, I thought I'd get it to power up, log in and fire up XBMC automatically.

Keep in mind that these steps are for Ubuntu. Other distro's may differ.

Login as the user who installed XBMC. I find it easier to do all this from my laptop, ssh'd in to the XBMC box.

Using your favourite editor, create a file in your home directory called .xinitrc that contains the following:
exec /usr/bin/xbmc --standalone

Forgive me for asking (Linux Newb) but say I want to boot to normal desktop what do I do? (Using Linux Mint latest)

Make .xinitrc executable:
chmod +x .xinitrc

Edit your .bashrc and add the following as the last line:

Install rcconf:
sudo apt-get install rcconf

Run rcconf and turn off gdm:
sudo rcconf

Install mingetty:
sudo apt-get install mingetty

Edit /etc/events.d/tty1:
sudo vi /etc/events.d/tty1

Change the line:
exec /sbin/getty 38400 tty1
to read:
exec /sbin/mingetty --autologin uname tty1
where uname is the user who installed XBMC.

Reboot to test.

With this setup, you're not loading gdm or gnome. You're not loading a window manager. The load will be lighter and the boot process will be faster.

Please let me know if there are any questions! Thanks to AlTheKiller for some pointers.
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