Plugin Status - List of Working and Non-Working Plugins for XBMC versions 9.04 & 9.11

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Dan Dare Offline
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In theory this should be the place where a list of working plugins should be kept, with links to their support threads and all, but it hasn't been updated since November.
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beatbreaker Offline
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Post: #47
Youtube (video) plugin currently not working
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zag Offline
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Post: #48
TheBoxMan Wrote:Hey all,

Just to ask is the list at the begining up-to-date or not?

I get anxious trusting apparently very old first posts for very current issues ;-)

PS - Has anyone got TVcatchup working? I'm having problems with it always asking for the password every time I click something, even when stored and then failing to find streams....

Yes it should be up to date, I check and update once a month
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Raphael Barros Offline
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Post: #49
Youtube plugin just worked in my svn r32246.

Animeseed doesn't even show in the plugin list, tough. I tried to add via Zip file, but no success. Please, help me with that! My Media Center is almost perfect, only missing some things, and animeseed is one of them!
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spiff Offline
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you have to update the plugin to the new framework.
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rflores2323 Offline
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I also think we need to show if the plugins works in different os. for instance some plugins done work in ios but they do in linux or windows, etc...

ATV1 with crystalbuntu (12.2 frodo) as main theater. Theater remote URC MX-810, droidx with xbmc remote, or transformer tf101 with YATSE. 3 x ATV2 (V12.2 frodo).

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ppic Offline
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Post: #52
this thread should be unpinned to make it with new addon systemand get fresh list of working addons.

[Image: widget]
Passion-XBMC Repository Download your SVN skins and addons
TvTunes Addon Download Play your theme while browsing library
TVshow Next Aired display next aired infos from
Logo Downloader Script download Logo/clearart/show thumbs/poster/banner
Bande-Annonce Allociné plugin watch trailers in french and vo
SportLive Script Live score match info in XBMC (not compatible dharma)
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Djape Offline
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We should write something like this.

Music > ListenLiveEU > Works: Windows, Linux, OSX Doesn't work: iOS

and so on.

Or maybe this should be on WIKI, leaving it writable by users or something.

One thing is sure, this list is not accurate at all.

Cheers Wink
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