[XBOX] XBMC no longer keeps info on X3 LCD

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Masteradam Offline
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Hello all, I was wondering if you could help me with something thats really bugging me. Before I upgraded XBMC when I launched an app,emulator and/or a game it used to keep the title on the LCD while I was using the Xbox (for example: Playing Forza Motorsport") and now for some reason after upgrading to the latest T3CH build, it no longer does that. It briefly flashes the title of the app/emu/game then the LCD goes blank. Is there a setting somewhere in XBMC that i need to change or could it be something else?

Many thanks for any help recieved!Laugh
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stevenz Offline
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Same problem here, I'm using the SSHCS "Camelot" build (r26172). Something is causing the X3 LCD to reset when the XBE is launched, I've had a play with the settings but haven't come up with anything. Everything else seems to work correctly (Using the original PM3 skin).

May need to file a bug report with the Xbox dev if it's not setting-related.
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