Windows - HOW-TO share folders over SMB using Windows 7

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koopa Offline
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Can someone help me out?

I do these instructions but when I press share this folder and add everyone it just says this folder cannot be shared.

Did I mess something up?
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Woodbear Offline
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I solved my problem with being asked for password when accessing a shared folder in XBMC over SMB (sharing in Windows 7). I did not have the Windows Live Sign In Assistant or Windows Live Essentials, but was still asked for password.

Create a new standard user account with a password on your Windows PC, use this user name and password when prompted for log in info in XBMC. Remember to add this new user in Share Permission when you share your folder(s)

Step-by-step guide:
Step 1 - Open "Control Panel" -> "User Accounts" -> "Manage another account" -> "Create a new account"
Step 2 - Create a "Standard user" -> Write a user name e.g. "xbox"
Step 3 - Click on your new user in the "Manage Accounts" window (should be open after you created the account). Click "Create a password", and write your password, e.g. "xbox"
Step 4 - Right click on a windows folder -> "Share with" -> "Advanced sharing..." -> "Advanced sharing..."
Step 5 - Select "Share this folder". Click "Permissions" -> "Add...". Enter user name, e.g. "xbox". Click "Check names". Click "OK"/"Close" until all windows are closed
Step 6 - Try to access your folder through XBMX on your Apple TV (google for guide), when asked for user name and password, write exactly what you wrote in the previous steps, e.g. "xbox" for both user name and password.

I've only tested this on my own system. You might of course see different options depending on your specific set up of setting for sharing.
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Flo711 Offline
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Does this guide exist for Windows 8 SMB?
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Fujosej Offline
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Hey guys can i access my smb server from the internet ? Or only lan will work? Please help me
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whitebelly Offline
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(2014-06-05 13:34)Fujosej Wrote:  Hey guys can i access my smb server from the internet ? Or only lan will work? Please help me

Only LAN. To access over internet, you would need a server (either home brew or something like PLEX), or your would need to set up a VPN. Searching the threads can probably get you info on either. In most cases, and XBMC connection to a remote home server yields unsatisfactory results due to data bandwidth limits and latency.
(This post was last modified: 2014-06-05 13:53 by whitebelly.)
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Gr0k Offline
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(2014-01-28 02:34)Flo711 Wrote:  Does this guide exist for Windows 8 SMB?

My 10 yr old just explained all this to me and, following his instructions, I am now able to move files freely between my Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 machines.

The only difference between Windows 7 and Windows 8 is the way you access the Share Settings.

From the charms panel choose "Settings" and then "Control Panel"
Then, under the heading "Network and Internet" click on "Choose homegroup and sharing options"
If your computer is like mine and it says "There is currently no homegroup on the network" click on "Change advanced sharing settings..."

From there you can just follow Nate's original instructions from Step 4.

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protocol77 Offline
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My Home server is currently running Windows 7 Ultimate x64

I never had an issue with smb shares and windows

Just turn off homegroup (not sure if necessary but i never use it)

Go to advanced sharing and turn off password protected shares

then go to the drive you want right click go to Share With then select "Advanced Sharing"

then go to add type in everyone if not already there give the share a name then check full control then apply and ok

then open up xbmc go to video --> files

add source select windows sharing smb from list navigate to share and then add and select scraper

super simple takes like 2 minutes max

this applies to windows 8 as well same process never has failed me
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meimeiriver Offline
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The only issue I'm really having with SAMBA, is that XBMC can't 'wake up' the discs by itself, as it were. Which is to say, when I boot my PC, I need to use file explorer first to connect to it, and only then XBMC can use it.
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Il_Padrino1983 Offline
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Sorry if I posted in the wrong section but,
I have trying to wrap my brain around an issue wich should be very easy to fix...
I have 4 USB drives in my main PC and I am sharing them trough SMB to my minix neo X8 (room) and to my openelec PC in the living room.
One of the USB drives works just fine, in fact I can access to all of them in my PC.
When I try to open them in XBMC (13.2) it says invalid argument, however one of the works just fine in both devices.
If anyone could help me, I would apreciate it!
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tarataqa Offline
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(2010-09-10 03:17)myrison Wrote:  I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but as I lost a lot of hair trying to solve this problem in the past, I thought I'd mention this relatively common issue here:

Windows 7 requires changes to the registry to keep the computer with the content on it from dropping the network shares. If you are having this problem, you must set the lanmanserver/parameters/size key to 3 (for a fileserver). Check the link for details, but don't skip this step or you will eventually have annoying dropouts of your entire media library.

Thank you, Myrison! I know it's been almost 5 yrs since you wrote your post, but my aggravating share drop-outs are now fixed thanks to your wisdom above.
I had tried everything I could think of including 3 different NFS server setups that all failed.

Thanks to you I can keep my newly-built 24-disk DrivePool+SnapRAID media server on Windows 7 sharing its goodies to my Kodi Chromebox, all my little Popcornhour boxes, and Android devices.
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natethomas Offline
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Wow. I had no idea how old this thread was. It's cool that it's still relevant after all this time. Smile
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rudsaki Offline
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Just posting this for a future search, since this is the only solution that worked for me to see my shared Windows 7 folders on raspbmc.
in a administrator command window:
reg add HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters /v Size /t REG_DWORD /d 3 /f

sc stop LanmanServer
sc start LanmanServer
If the stop start may have dependencies;
Type "services" in the start search box, then find "Server" in the list, right click and hit stop, click Yes to stop the dependent service. After ti stops, right click and press start

Now I can move on to my mp4 or mkv movies having no sound! ;-)
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MidnightWatcher Offline
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Question - What version of SMB does KODI support? 2.1? 3.0? Or does it not matter on the client side?

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gorsan Offline
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in my situation i was behind double Nat which means i had a modem with ip
a router with completely other set of ip doing its own network

i had set router to bridge mode then i still could not login
then i tried with folder name like ipadress/foldername still no success

then i realised i could get in some folder names but i cant to others.
i dont know which fix did it but i simply named my shared folder to something short name
then shared it with ipadress/foldername success
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steelman1991 Offline
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(2015-01-02 00:50)natethomas Wrote:  Wow. I had no idea how old this thread was. It's cool that it's still relevant after all this time. Smile

And still as pertinent - helped this old geezer out of a pickle I can tell you - was going round the bend lol.

Thanks Nate and everyone else in this thread.
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