Feature Request - native resolution ( disable upscaling ) option

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ilovethakush Offline
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I'm sorry but I really don't understand the point of this.

1. I see absolutely no difference in the upscaling. ZERO.

2. If you have such amazing high quality equipment, why are you watching videos in such low resolution?
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Soli Offline
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This is a waste of time . That's why nothing has happened in the 6 years that this thread has existed. Besides, for all intents and purposes it's not possible to have "native resolution" apart from 1080p and 720p, meaning that for other resolutions you are probably forced to 800x600 or 1024x768 limited by either the gpu or the display/tv itself.
For 720p you already can upscale with lanczos which is pretty much good enough for everyone.

Only exception is to show 1080p at it's native res when using a 4k display, but that feature is already coming in Jarvis afaik.
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belegdol Offline
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The main benefit would be for watching 1080i material i believe
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FernetMenta Offline
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(2015-09-22 10:54)looun Wrote:  quote +1 ,
like auto-switch fps, i think a nice Feature for kodi can be "Adjusted display Output to match video Resolutions " , person like me have top level AV receiver or TV with high quality video processor for upscaling or enhancement

A consumer electronics device for less than 1000€ like given in your signature that is 4 years old does not do a better job than cheap up-to-date computer graphics.
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