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Full Version: script.playalbum - Play an Album from Album Info screen
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In the same way you can play a Movie from the Movie Info screen I want to be able to play an Album from the Album Info screen but nothing I try works.

Surely this should do it?
PHP Code:

Even adding ,isdir doesn't work.

Anyone know the answer?

try Container.FolderPath
That only uses - musicdb://3/
Tried ListItem.Path yet?
Yes, everything I try throws this error -

ERROR: CDVDPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening [G:\NZB\Download\Nirvana - Nevermind\]

Container.FolderPath - musicdb://3/

ListItem.FileNameAndPath - smb://HAL_NAS/Volume_1/Music/The Chemical Brothers - Further/

ListItem.Path - smb://HAL_NAS/Volume_1/Music/
good practice, put quotes around the path:
Quote:<onclick>PlayMedia(&quot;$INFO[ListItem.FileNameAndPath]&quot; )</onclick>

no clue if it'll fix your issue, but it wouldn't hurt either.
Thanks, but no joy.

Enabled full debugging and noticed this error -

ERROR: CWINFileSMB: Unable to open file '\' Error '123
I can't even get it to the point where it tries to play it Wink
Hm, from a brief look PlayMedia is pretty much build for video content. Mind creating a ticket so we do not forget about it?
Thought I'd try using that for videos and Ronie is indeed right the &quot; tags are needed but trying to play an album always throws error 123 when trying to open the file.
I suppose I could use a script to make a playlist like the RecentlyAdded script used.
@Hitcher: Currently there is no other way - unfortunately PlayMedia(directory) will only find video files in given directory.

Plans for future: Part of my work on playlists will be unifying playback starting and this should take care of this inconvenience.
Thanks for help and for clearing it up.
Could someone give me a hand writing a script to play the album please as Python isn't my thing?

Hitcher Wrote:Could someone give me a hand writing a script to play the album please as Python isn't my thing?

didn't have time to look into it, until today.

here's what i came up with:

add this to a button in DialogAlbumInfo.xml:

lemme know if you encounter any issues :-)

xbmc pre-eden only!
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