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Full Version: Fresh install of GIT code on Ubuntu 11.10, no .xbmc folder being generated
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I've been away from the forums for a while now and decided to start fresh with Eden b2 and seem to have something weird. I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.10 Onieric, got the latest code from git and successfully compiled and installed XBMC. I'm looking for the userdata folder to get into advancedsettings.xml again, and for some weird reason I'm not seeing .xbmc in my home folder. Am I missing something? The settings seem to be getting saved somewhere, but I'm not seeing it.
Did you press Ctrl+H to display hidden folders?
I'm working from command line, in the home folder for the user I set up using the command "ls -al" which should show hidden folders. I'm not seeing it there. The settings are being saved somewhere, I have rebooted my machine and everything sticks in XBMC. Not sure where though!
Nevermind, I thought I had rebooted already and didn't. Guess the folder doesn't get created until you reboot. My bad!