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Full Version: No pictures on Danish Live TV (again)
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And if you now would try beta2 we would be sure between what betas it happend ... just adapt my commands and exchange b1 with b2 everywhere...
Hi Memphiz
Sorry the late answer (did not notice page 4).Rolleyes

Upgrated to Beta 2 after your words. As told in my start thread: http://forum.xbmc.org/showpost.php?p=100...ostcount=1
NO pictures on the channels. Only grey screen and sounds.

Tell me if you want further infos Nod

nope - we have to wait for yoda know and hope he picks it up... thx
RC1 did not do itNo
yeah ... yoda didn't appear ...
this truely is an annoying problem. it is the only reason im still running beta1 on my apple tv2.Oo
Memphiz Wrote:yeah ... yoda didn't appear ...

I am sure he is a very bussy man ...
Some hope in the future perhaps? Wink
Point a yoda sign in the sky. I'm not yoda ...
Memphiz Wrote:Point a yoda sign in the sky. I'm not yoda ...

I think in this case Yoda=Davilla

Yoda already fixed this once, maybe it can be done again Cool?
I documented a similar problem on a different stream on this thread


Hopefully Davilla will pick this up when he gets a little time Smile
Hello boys
DonĀ“t confuse this thread, please.

djarnis Wrote:http://forum.xbmc.org/showpost.php?p=901...stcount=22

Yoda already fixed this once, maybe it can be done again Cool?

Davilla did some tricks about VTB switching on/off, but never the right solution ...
I think it did work in Beta 1, by chance, and now we have to wait for another chance to appear (maybe never :confused2Smile
Our problem is small in XBMC-connexion Blush

Thankyou for trying Memphiz and Davilla.

Have a nice day
RC2 No No
Do you comment on each build now? I bet if davilla does something about it he will inform you in this thread... I know its frustrating and what not. But things are like they are and the day still only has 24h. And davilla just has 19h off real work to do and just doesn't seem to have the time for this atm.
Only informations for Danish Live TV users staying on Beta 1 ...

Have a nice weekend ;-)
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