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Full Version: error playing .dvdmedia latest monthly pre-frodo releases [repost]
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At the suggestion of Memphiz in the Mac OS X Support subforum, I am reposting this question here to hopefully get more eyes on it...

The details are spelled out in the other forum (http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=138867), but here is the brief overview:

- I am currently running the latest monthly pre-Frodo release on a Mac Mini and MacBook Air
- Playback of all media, save for folders named "x".dvdmeda--where x is any name, works just fine via SMB and NFS via Movies and Videos
- .dvdmedia playback does NOT work via Movies (library) and generates errors in the XBMC log (see other thread)
- strangely enough, .dvdmedia playback DOES work via the Videos (file) (Videos --> Files --> Movies).

Hopefully I'm accurately stating this, but Memphiz thinks it may have something to do with libdvdread, or with a problem that others have reported trying to play VIDEO_TS folders, which works in file view, but not in the library view.

I do not recall having problems with this in Eden, but can try to revert back to confirm, if that would be helpful.

Anyone have any other suggestions?
I can second this. It's not just .dvdmedia extentions, it also affects plain old video_ts directories, they cannot be played in library mode.

Looks to me that it has something to do with stacking. Even in the files view i have disable stacking before starting playback. If stacking is enabled both files and library view only show "play from here" in context menu of the video.

Debug log trying to play Elvira (yes, i only watch it for the tits) http://pastebin.com/V3KjRqr7
Just a quick update: this continues to be a problem with the latest September monthly Frodo alpha.
Another update: still broken in October Frodo alpha too...
Also, in case anyone is still reading this, I did try to replace the default player with VLC; however, VLC does not seem to understand NFS URIs. If I am mistaken on that, please let me know.
Broken record time: still broken in November Frodo alpha. Again, .dvdmedia files play in Videos --> Files --> Movies; however, not in library mode.
Enable stacking

I went to the wiki and added the following to my advancedsettings.xml:

<!-- <cd/dvd/part/pt/disk/disc/d> <0-N> -->
<regexp>(.*?)([ _.-]*(?:cd|dvd|p(?:ar)?t|dis[ck]|d)[ _.-]*[0-9]+)(.*?)(\.[^.]+)$</regexp>
<!-- <cd/dvd/part/pt/disk/disc/d> <a-d> -->
<regexp>(.*?)([ _.-]*(?:cd|dvd|p(?:ar)?t|dis[ck]|d)[ _.-]*[a-d])(.*?)(\.[^.]+)$</regexp>
<!-- movienamea-xvid.avi, movienameb-xvid.avi -->
<regexp>(.*?)([ ._-]*[a-d])(.*?)(\.[^.]+)$</regexp>

But no joy. Any suggestions on how to tweak this for .dvdmedia files?
No, There's a setting in xbmc its gryed out in this screenshot but its fine in files


Enabling stacking would help for Files view, but that's where he says it's already working.
Yep, what Ned said. No effect enabling stacking.
Let me summarise, please let me know where I go wrong:

1. They play fine from Videos->Files->[folders]->VIDEO_TS->[CLICK_ON_SOMETHING]

2. They don't play fine if stacking is enabled (whereby VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO is stacked down).

3. They don't play fine in the library as this operates as if stacking is available.

What exactly are you clicking on in 1 to get it to play? A fresh Debug Log may be useful for those of us that haven't seen it (the pastebin's above are expired).

1. Correct. I select the movie and pushed "P" to play. More often than not, it does not start exactly where I want it, but it does play.
2. Correct.
3. Correct. When I "P"lay from the library, XBMC pauses for a moment, and the just goes back to the library.

New pastebin generated (http://pastebin.com/KuxDSAXm) with latest monthly snapshop, debugging enabled. Here's what I did:

1. Started XBMC
2. Went to Movies
3. Selected "A Bridge Too Far"
4. Tried to play it
5. Exited

Let me know if you need anything else. BTW, I do not recall having this problem in Eden. I'm hesitant to go back, because I'd need to regenerate my DB, but can do so to verify, if need be.

1. You select what while in Video->Files? Be precise. This is the key step. Post a log of this.

(note: I enabled stacking in Videos, exited XBMC, cleared out the log, and then...)

1. Start XBMC
2. Use the cursor keys to select Videos
3. Press enter
4. Use the cursor keys to select Files
5. Press enter
6. Use the cursor keys to select "A Bridge Too Far" (.dvdmedia)
7. Press "P" (playback error dialog pops up)
8. Press "C" select "Play from here" press enter (nothing happens)
9. Disabled stacking
10 (repeated steps 6-7)
11. starts playing from somewhere towards the end

pastebin: http://pastebin.com/aYwTUAeJ
(note: I do not have a pastebin account, and the log was too big for their free account, so I deleted a bunch of repetitive things in the log, like test paths, messages, etc.; if I got overzealous, and deleted something important, let me know, and I will paste in multiple parts)
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