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Full Version: [RELEASE] Gamma-X (formerly called "Xbox Net Loader") Xbox game manager and launcher
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gamma-x v0.9981b

game manager for xbox




xbox net loader has changed it's name to gamma-x, as 'net loader' no longer well describes it Smile

+manage apps/games stored on a networked pc
+save management - backup, install, delete and restore saves
+xbmc update utility
+xbox-saves and mega x key web game save browser and download/installer

get it here: http://2ndmind.net/xnetload

looks to me like you may be able to make a few mods to this script and give some others what they have been wanting... an xbmc update script.

here's the idea...

set a folder/share on the pc (or the internet) that has the updated files for xbmc. the script copies them over to the xbox.

also have a list of excluded & included custom files that for people that have mod'd xmls for themselves




 - target: /e/apps/xbmc/skin/project mayhem iii/
 - target: /e/apps/xbmc/skin/project mayhem iii/pal
 - target: /e/apps/xbmc/skin/project mayhem iii/pal
 - target: /e/apps/xbmc/skin/project mayhem iii/media
... etc

so it reads the excludes first so as not to copy any excludes over if it encounters it in an include statement.

once this is setup, updating your xbox xbmc files will be a breeze... one button even!

just a thought...[code]

option to automaticly download (and correctly extract) xbox game-saves from www.xbox-saves.com would be a very nice feature Wink
...though maybe add some sort of auto-backup (before over-writing existing game-saves) and semi-auto restore function to be safe
will do for xbox-saves.com. both the site and the files are in the same format as megaxkey.com which the script already browses,downloads and installs. it also already backs up saves, though i will put an option for auto-backup.

i'm just love save menager

i know your skin are great but i try to fit this graet script into pmiii skin with buidin texture

is it posible to make integer icon or thumbnail to the controllist from title_image?

is it posible to make save menager to stand along script?
i will prefer save window with buttons and more info labels

rukk - thx a lot

i'm glad you like the save manager.

i hope this answers all your questions, please let me know if you have more.

i have really only just started it, so it is going to be different from what it is now.

the 'skin' it has now is temporary. i will probably make something to match the game manager window. i wait till i'm more sure of where everything is going to be to spend much time on the 'skin' so i don't have to keep re-doing it.

the save manager can be run as standalone script, just run the savemx.py file.

i may be able to add thumbnails to the controllist. the main problem would be speed. decoding the images in python is a little slow Smile but i haven't tested it yet, so it may work fine.

the problem with trying to match the pmiii skin is that if i want to make a different layout than the 'normal' pmiii window layout, i have to do a bit of work to match the style to pmiii.

i would consider making the skin selectable between what i have and a pmiii style skin once i have the final layout all worked out, especially if someone wants to do the images for me Smile

your skin is good enough

i'm not a python code writer, but playing with skin to the script gives a lot of fan, for me - scripters can make his work without skin

Quote:the save manager can be run as standalone script, just run the savemx.py file.
yes, i take a look into readme file, but appinfo.py is for both and better to leave app_info_window in peace

Quote:i may be able to add thumbnails to the controllist.
title id as a label 2 will also be great
is it posible to make other font and alignment to label 2 in controllist?
in app_info_window more controllabel with tltleid, full path, size (or size to label2 in controllist)

in home i don't have pc, only x with net - so xnetload is realy pretty, but savemx i just love


v0.99b - coming very soon... Smile

i've re-worked the gui, added thumbnails, and the ability to fetch saves from xbox-saves.com (adding to the megaxkey.com)

see the pics in the top post.


v0.99b out =]

+xbox-saves.com added to the web saves browser
+thumbnails everywhere =]
+interface improvements
+bug fixes

thubnails will make the save manager load slow the first time. the thumbnails will be cached, so after that it will be pretty quick Smile


:bowdown:  :bowdown:  :bowdown:

wow, we enjoy

can u help me (example of the code) how add a folder name (titleid - i think) to the 2label in save_manager_window

your script is not my level of knowledge


here is the additem function. below i will show an example of the change.

Quote:def add_item(self,name,save):
cache = os.path.join(cwd,'cache',save.titleid + '.png')
if os.path.exists(cache):
filename = str(save.titleimage)
if os.path.exists(filename):
img = xbe.get_image(file=filename)
file = os.path.join(cwd,'cache',save.titleid + '.png')

here is the before.

here is the after. you would do this for each listitem

i'm going to add the titleid to the appinfo window and probably add the size of all the save data there as well, and probably to the save list also. i have to consider what can fit in the width of the list.


in getting an error runnning your save manager

unicodedecodeerror: utf16 codec can't decode byte in 0x32 position 30:truncated data

in xnlmodules/xsave.py line 29

did i make a mistake?

cu lolol
hi lolol,

what version are you using?
if it is current (v0.99b) then i need to fix something. i think i have an idea what it might be, but it would be helpful if you could contact me on irc or i could contact you via im and maybe could send you a test version. i believe a certain save is either non-standard, broken, or i need to account for something i haven't. but almost certainly a specific save is causing the error, and if i could find out which one and get a copy of the save i could actually fix the problem properly Smile

email me at [email="[email protected]"][email protected][/email]

or contact me on irc on

server: irc.irchighway.net
channel: #xnetload

thanks for any help you can give. either way, i will put a fix (hopefully it will fix it) in the upcoming version.

my playing with skin
here problem with offset and alignmenty in controllist
dialog without problems
here i need changing pictures for datasourse
info labels like size ,folder ...

how to delate save without sub_list ?
is it possible add musicoverlay window to the script?

new version:


+added save sizes/title id toggle display in save manager
+added total save size and title id in save/info window
+removed 'load a save' button in info window, replaced with
'delete all' - use 'load a save' from save manager instead
+moved the game sizes to label2
+dds header format images now decode
+optimized code for image decompression. about a 25% conversion speed increase from .xbx to .png on my 650mhz laptop =]
+added some code that hopefully avoids a problem with unicode
and saves that a user reported.
+loader will now add title id's to configs for games that do
not have them, when game is 'online' (iso's configured via a non
xrp server do not have title id in the config, so this helps)
+added text viewer dialog to dialogs module
+updater now shows changelog before update
+little bits i can't remember right now
+bug fixes


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