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Full Version: Activate youtube subtitles
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I can't active youtube subtitles, how can I do this?

YouTube v5.X.X - KODI 14.X Helix

Subtitles are not supported yet. Google just released the new API for it and I haven't found the time yet to implement it.
One solution (the one I'm using at this moment) is to manually download the subtitles with some utility prior to watching (Google2SRT comes to mind, or youtube-dl) and select them within the "Audio - Settings" submenu of the "Player controls" OSD menu ([M] key or move the mouse), after starting the video:

(click the speaker-shaped icon)

(this window appears, select "Browse for subtitle..." and pick up the file you've just downloaded with Google2SRT or youtube-dl)

The major caveat is it's only good if the video is from a channel you watch regularly or you've subscribed to, not for a video that you'll pick up randomly. Plus you must do this manipulation again each time you watch a new video (rewatch an old one). Not ideal, but better than nothing, and it works.