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Full Version: TheSportsDB.com (Open Sports Metadata, Artwork and Scores)
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Ok the new site is just about complete.

We have a load of new features and much improved user interface. Lets hope some more Add-ons come out of it Smile

- Player Hall of fame
- Player former teams
- Player honours

Example player page

Let me know if you are getting any API errors, it should be working but not tested much...
Hi, is any one able to reinstate my n1md4 account on thesportsdb? the new site looks fantastic, btw!
(2017-01-28, 03:02)n1md4 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, is any one able to reinstate my n1md4 account on thesportsdb? the new site looks fantastic, btw!

Please register again, assuming you use the same username it will keep all your edits and history.


New feature TV listings for each event!

This could make a very cool Kodi Add-on to alert you that sport is on TV


Let me know if anyone wants that data exposed on the API?
Typical there's a 500 server error now! Wink But, thanks.

... scratch that, it was only brief!
Hmm "You have provided an invalid answer to the question." but I really haven't.

... and scratch that too; I'm not having a good day here! Smile "Thank you for registering, your account has been created. You may now login with your username and password."
Due to popular demand, the site now supports

- Cricket http://www.thesportsdb.com/Sport/Cricket
- Tennis http://www.thesportsdb.com/Sport/Tennis
- Cycling http://www.thesportsdb.com/Sport/Cycling


Please fill out any data if you can
Pretty much all 2017 events have been added for motorsports. Only Nascar, Moto2 and Moto3 is missing for now...

Any help adding them is appreciated.

I've updated the latest premiership teams and events. All new 2017-2018 seasons should now by added.

I've also added the biggest boxing event in a while: Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor


It should scrape into Kodi as a TV show using the sports scraper
As an NFL and NBA fan and general stat nerd, this is very useful for me. Thank you!
NFL results are currently broken but we are trying to fix it.

- Added Welsh Premier League
New fixture icons


And NFL results are now automatic again for the new season.
The front-page has had a major re-design...

Thanks to Ovokx for the original concept images  Nod

- New 'Born Today' list
- New Top Honored players
- New latest event Fanart list
- New latest awarded Honour's
- Redesigned Live events view

- New activity page https://www.thesportsdb.com/feed
- HTTPS support
- CORS support for javascript dev's
- Fixed some larger artwork filesizes
- New API method for sports categories https://www.thesportsdb.com/api/v1/json/...sports.php
- New API method to list all leagues: https://www.thesportsdb.com/api/v1/json/...eagues.php
- There has also been an average of 1,000 edits a week recently, with loads of new artwork and data added in different sports.

Example of recent event thumbnail upload for superbowl

Ping @enen92 for info on the 2 new API methods. Could these be added to the sports module some time?

Many of these requests came from the media-portal developers who are making an awesome Plugin Smile
Hey @docwra

I'm in the process of updating the addons for Leia so hopefully will add the missing methods to the API. I also want to look into making a python scrapper now that those are possible.
My addons that use thesportsdb are having issues with league tables because the request to `/lookuptable.php?l=leagueid` is supposed to return the table for the more recent season. Can you please update the hardcoded value to 1718 or, preferably, make it automatic (i.e. find out the highest value in the table)?

Sure done! Had to mess around a bit, as the seasons change after August, but think I got it.

You can always set the season on that method using the s=1718 parameter. But it should auto do it now as well if "s" isn't passed.

I've dedicated a week during Easter to work on the site full time and get lots more sports syncing automatically. Let me know if there are any feature requests for the API or site Wink

EDIT: Updated the API page with a clearer layout and all the latest changes

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