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Full Version: Game controller art for Retroplayer
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added gameboy advance
added neogeo pocket

next up: the MSX! Good luck to me with that one! haha!
lol nice! these are looking great! glad to see you've picked up the project again Smile
Wow, these look amazing! Looking forward to the rest and implementation into retroplayer!
Hey, I am on the MSX now and just doubting the validity of designing the platform as there are loads of keys (as for Amiga and C64, etc...).
Not scared of the work, just wondering if you're going to map every key? Not sure in this case should I do two shots?
A top one for mapping and a perspective one?
Also could you provide a shot of places where the art will go? For example the controller configuration screen.
I'd like to start seeing the controllers in there and would like to make them all the same line size.
The goal is simplicity, and we can avoid mapping every key by simply using a keyboard mapping. For example, dosbox sets <supports_keyboard> to true in addon.xml. That way, keyboard input is sent directly as keycodes to the libretro core instead of translating keyboard presses to virtual joystick buttons.

This begs questions: What about dos games that use joysticks? what if msx/amiga/c64 has special keys that aren't on a PC keyboard? It's hard for me to answer these questions because I'm not familiar with these old consoles. This is as much a learning experience for me as anything.

How does RetroArch handle this? This is a good place to look because we can simply adopt their approach.

I haven't created any new designs for a new configuration screen, although it would be nice to include these images instead of the ones I ripped from the internet. How do you think the controller screen should look?
Hey I have no clue about how Retroarch does it. I will have a look when I have some time.
At the top of my head I would only allow remapping of the different keys.

I also wanted to ask at what point is SVG implementation in Kodi, it would be very useful to be able to change svg attributes dynamically from within the application itself.
Imagine you could scale each model as necessary, you could also easily have all indicators for button presses inside the svg itself and only make them visible when necessary without having to do it via PNG.
You could colour the lines differently or animate the strokes, it would generally speaking open up a new world of possibilities for the UI!

I will try and have a look at the mapping UI soon, first I will finish the MSX (it's proving quite challenging, haha!) and the NES (one of the most popular platforms I have not yet done!) and then start thinking about the mapping.

How is mapping done NOW for MSX?

Still some amazing vector images coming out of openEMU

Do they have detailed info on controller buttons like this? That would help also!
Just FYI I have not dropped this.
I'm still on the MSX platform and it's nearly done.
I am hugely busy with my life, but I'll try my best to finish all of them off before the launch of Leia.
Heard of the Steam Link? Their controller mapper looks (kinda) like this:


I immediately thought of your console/controller art. A configuration window like this would be a good usecase.
Hold on grumpy, hope you will find some time to finish your amazing art! Just wanted to cheer for you and show some support, I am checking this thread almost every second day in hope for updates. Please let me know how I can buy you a beer via PM for all your hard work! Cheers mate!
Hey, thanks for your support.
I don't want to abandon this, I am actually building myself a joystick (IPAC)!
I just have been through some troubled times (split up with my wife) and now live alone with my kids.
As you can guess time has drastically diminished, that's why I am lacking over here.
But as time goes on things are getting better and better.
I found a new fabulous girlfriend, but things take time to accomodate.
I am slowly starting to get more time for myself and soon will be able to focus on this project again.
I do apologise to everyone for letting things slip a bit, but unfortunately things happen and sometimes priorities have to shift.
- GG
Sorry to hear about your breakup, those can be tough. I'm glad things are going better. Your joystick project sounds awesome! I love DIY joysticks. Kodi has full support for joysticks that use keyboard drivers, it's kind of confusing to configure but this will get a lot better with the upcoming player manager.

Above all, have fun and don't feel pressured! We're all having a great time working on this project. Enjoy yourself Smile
Hmmm... I've jumped on the Master System right now, but can't really figure out what the shape actually is like.
Does anyone have a side view of it?

Ok, found it!
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