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Full Version: RSS source format
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The wiki says that Kodi support RSS sources. Moreover, thumbnails and other metadata are supported.
Where can I find the RSS format description with all possible metadata fields?
I don't think it has been fully documented before. What I found out about it was through trial and error, but I didn't spend much time with it. We might be able to find the original dev who added it, but they might not be active anymore, as that feature has been around for a long time.
Thanks. Is there any way to find according sources to see what is used?
I'm not sure what you mean. Sources as in the sources.xml file or the code sources?
Code sources - to see how RSS feed is parsed

Upd. https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/blob/master...ectory.cpp - is this code used for RSS source parsing?
I tried to implement RSS source instead of http source (which was very slow - 2343114 (post)), but failed to do it. My RSS feed - http://vk-karaoke.appspot.com/rss, but Kodi returns "failed to connect with the server" (I've checked - my server returns 200). Looks like something is wrong with the format. Don't understand what.

Here is the extract from my RSS feed:
      <title>Aerosmith - I Don't Want To Miss a Thing.mp3</title>
      <guid isPermaLink="true">334990445</guid>
      <pubDate>Thu, 23 Jun 2016 16:00:09 GMT</pubDate>
      <title>Aerosmith - I Don't Want To Miss a Thing.lrc</title>
      <guid isPermaLink="true">334990445</guid>
      <pubDate>Thu, 23 Jun 2016 16:00:09 GMT</pubDate>

Upd. I've replaced the link with full URL
and now Kodi shows me an empty list.
Hmm.. Looking for any example of working with Kodi RSS source. I've tried http://www.npr.org/rss/podcast.php/?id=510289 and it also doesn't work (found it on the Kodi screenshot as 'source' somewhere), here is the log:

19:50:09 142.944000 T:1967788032   DEBUG: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory (http://www.npr.org/rss/podcast.php/?id=510289)
19:50:09 142.944092 T:1967788032   DEBUG:   ParentPath = []
19:50:09 142.945847 T:1806156864   DEBUG: CurlFile::Open(0x6ba79ff8) http://www.npr.org/rss/podcast.php/?id=510289
19:50:09 142.946640 T:1806156864    INFO: easy_aquire - Created session to http://www.npr.org
19:50:09 143.316772 T:1865053248   DEBUG: PushCecKeypress - received key  b duration 387 (rep:0 size:0)
19:50:09 143.316925 T:1865053248   DEBUG: PushCecKeypress - ignored key  b
19:50:09 143.445816 T:1967788032   DEBUG: ------ Window Init (DialogBusy.xml) ------
19:50:10 143.814453 T:1967788032   DEBUG: RetrieveMusicInfo() took 0 msec
19:50:10 143.817886 T:1646199872  NOTICE: Thread BackgroundLoader start, auto delete: false
19:50:10 143.829163 T:1646199872   DEBUG: Thread BackgroundLoader 1646199872 terminating
19:50:10 143.972351 T:1967788032   DEBUG: ------ Window Deinit (DialogBusy.xml) ------
19:50:11 145.629364 T:1865053248   DEBUG: PushCecKeypress - received key  b duration 0 (rep:0 size:0)
19:50:11 145.629456 T:1865053248   DEBUG: PushCecKeypress - added key  b
19:50:11 145.637955 T:1967788032   DEBUG: OnKey: 11 (0x0b) pressed, action is Select
19:50:11 145.638199 T:1967788032   DEBUG: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory ()
19:50:11 145.638245 T:1967788032   DEBUG:   ParentPath = []
19:50:11 145.659958 T:1967788032   DEBUG: RetrieveMusicInfo() took 0 msec
you example rss worked fine for me. you have to replace http:// with rss:// in the url, that's all. then it's just a matter of adding it as a video / audio source as you would add other stuff like a local directory or whatever.
Thanks. It really works with `http` replaced with `rss` with the example RSS.

It doesn't play my songs, but at least displays their list. Strange, but it doesn't hide .lrc files (when it does with http source).
Looks like Kodi doesn't support redirects with RSS (when again - supports it with HTTP source).
hmm. it should. it just forwards to a CurlFile for the media url, and that supports up to 5 hops. is this a redirect for the RSS url itself?
Hmm. Looks like there is some problem with my server.
(the redirect is for enclosure/url and for link)
OK, the server problem has been fixed. And the music is being played now. But I don't understand why it doesn't recognize files as Karaoke..

And it is not quite clear for me - does it read url from the `link` parameter or from `enclosure/url`?
Can somebody please confirm that RSS source doesn't work with Karaoke (mp3 + lrc) files?
What if I develop my own audio source addon - will it work with Karaoke? (would like to know it in advance prior to learning Kodi addons development process)
As far as I know, Kodi v16 and later doesn't have any karaoke features. Karaoke support got dropped. Turning karaoke into an add-on was said to be a possible way to add karaoke back in some form.
Yes, I know about Karaoke support in the latest versions. But my question is different - I am talking about addon creation for the Kodi version, which supports Karaoke, so I am talking about addon as audio source only.
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