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Full Version: Retroplayer - N64 (Gamecube / Wii)
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is N64 supported? i ve added my n64 Games (*.n64) but Kodi dont
show the files/games

(2016-11-22, 19:55)garbear Wrote: [ -> ]N64 support requires a1rwulf's OpenGL branch: https://github.com/a1rwulf/xbmc/tree/ret...17beta4-gl . This isn't included in the current builds yet because a1rwulf is still working on it, so no N64 support just yet.
ok. i found in the addon/games/emulator a N64-Emu

Kodi show now the games, but cant start it - Gui restarts

i will wait for a working solution

Yes as others already stated, n64 needs OpenGL support.
Current official builds do no contain the necessary functions and kodi crashes instantly (which results in restarting the gui).
thx for your answer. what is with Gamecube and Wii, are they also possible in the future?
Honestly I'm not sure if there is a libretro core available for these platforms.
If you want Dolphin, use emulestation with this : https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread-302.html

It works for me.

i use at the moment LibreELEC from here

i think Doplhin isnt possible with this, or?
Any news on the OpenGL support?
Yesterday the RetroArch team announced that they are preparing a new core porting OpenLara, a Tomb Raider port.
N64 might not run well in a raspberry pi and the like, but a native OpenLara port would probably work fine in OpenElec boxes.
Unfortunately I could not spend any time on it so far.
But anyway, my code depends heavily on the video player infrastructure and we want to get rid of this dependency first.
(2016-11-26, 18:45)noxx2 Wrote: [ -> ]thx for your answer. what is with Gamecube and Wii, are they also possible in the future?

Libretro recently released a Dolphin core, but it is extremely alpha and supports only X64 Windows and Linux at this time.
In addition, it requires OpenGL 3.3 (or higher) and the Shared Hardware Context feature.