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Full Version: Mouse issues
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I've recommended (and installed) Kodi a bunch of people in the last decade.
And almost all of them use(d) a mouse to navigate.
Why? Because its much more convenient and at least much faster, than a remote.
Example: a channel list with only 150 channels, much fun if you want to switch from 1 to lets say 90...90 clicks on a remote, ridiculous.

I'm still waiting for only ONE serious argument against mouse support, apart from "history" or "ideology".

Quote:Those who want to use a mouse have other options - whether it is a skin that does interact well with a mouse, to vlc, windows media player, mplayer with a gui, and probably many others. And if they go to another player, it doesn't matter to Team Kodi.

This is no argument, but only a lame and (again) ignorant statement.
"Move to another player or eat shit...it doesn't matter to Team Kodi."

Note: Many post are not always an indicator for quality, especially if the majority of them, just includes endless repetitions, like "use a remote, use a remote"
just my two cents...

So, now I'm really out, until any serious arguments against mouse support, appear...Undecided
Yeah, just ignore him, he is not even a Dev. One of his main functions here seems to be bad-mouthing development of features he personally deems unnecessary. I think the edge of his plate is to high for him to to look over. Quite unfortunate.
Punch in 90 on a remote?
(2017-04-26, 02:42)vel2000 Wrote: [ -> ]So, now I'm really out, until any serious arguments against mouse support, appear...Undecided

So easy: estuary skin as not been thinked to be usable with a mouse

Kodi still has what is needed to work with a mouse

Estuary is the issue

So, until kodi team changes the skin (probably in a few years) with another thing that "ten feet experience" in mind (may never happen) then you will have only one solution with kodi : do not use a mouse anymore
No, just use another skin.
this mouse bug it's a shame...
It is not a bug.
Now they start to delete "unwanted" posts...great Sad
(2017-07-16, 14:32)vel2000 Wrote: [ -> ]Now they start to delete "unwanted" posts...great Sad

I think the reason it was removed was about how it was said more than about what was said about this "issue"
The simple fact is Kodi is designed to be used seated several feet away with a TV as the display device, for this scenario a remote control makes most sense so it's for this type of control device Kodi is optimised. When was the last time you saw an AVR, Satellite/Cable PVR, TV, DVD/Blu-ray player etc supplied with a mouse? The ability to use in a traditional computer desktop environment is very much seen as a less important secondary consideration.

Ideally both remote and mouse control would be equally well implemented, however limitations in the skin engine code limit what can be done, so greater ability to have both equally well supported would require someone to take up the challenge of coding a better skin engine. If that ever gets done then Estuary can be improved for mouse usage, however in the meantime the decision was taken to not compromise the design for remote usage to allow better mouse support.

So in summary, would we like mouse control to work better in the default skin, then sure of course we do, but it must be done in a way that doesn't compromise the usage with a remote, and that's simply not possible at the moment.
(2017-07-16, 14:32)vel2000 Wrote: [ -> ]Now they start to delete "unwanted" posts...great Sad

I am not aware of any posts being removed, can you clarify?
Yes, I binned a post yesterday... https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=318292

What's your point vel2000?
(2017-04-23, 22:31)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]Kodi is designed to be used with a remote. If people don't want to use a remote controlled media player, then they should probably be looking elsewhere anyway.

As if we care how many users there are.

If Kodi is designed to work with a remote then someone dropped the ball with Krypton. I have Kodi on 5 different machines and 17.3 has totally messed up the ability to use my remotes. I also have the mouse issue that others have complained about, but let's get beyond that for a moment. I have been using an IR remote on three separate Windows machines all hooked up to big screen TV's for years. Everything works fine with Kodi 16.1. Once I switched to 17.3, the remote buttons are all messed up. Reverting to 16.1 (NOT changing skins) is the only solution I can find. With 17.3, the fast forward, rewind, etc buttons on my remote cause a multitude of windows to open and not even consistently. When I try to map the buttons, it still does not work correctly. This is a big disappointment. I will revert to 16.1 on all my machines and monitor this board to see if Team Kodi can get 17.3 to act like 16.1.
A debug log (wiki) in a new thread may help someone assist you.
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