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Full Version: Failure to install kodi on firestick
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I just attempted to install Kodi on a firestick(fully updated), and every way I know has failed. I first used the app apps2fire, which is how i loaded on another stick that i currently have. It uploaded the apk but failed to initialize the installer. I've rebooted the stick an tried again, same result. Checked to make sure unknown sources where allowed, as well as the debug was turned on. Attempted a third try same result. Moved on to ES file explorer, which I've used successfully in the past and browsed to the external storage under the local link to go to the download folder and the apk is there, so I tried to install from there. The installer starts, I accept the permissions and proceeded to run the installer. It runs then fails about to the end of the process. Did this three times as well and rebooted the stick once after the first failed attempt. I then created a bookmark in ES to the Kodi download page and downloaded the file there. Tried to run installer and same result install failed. Anyone got an idea on any other method to try or how to get it to finish using the methods I mentioned. All help is greatly appreciated.
Have you read through this? 311184 (thread)

Hope it helps.
No, but I will thank you.
If you already have downloaded kodi then the above link doesn't apply. Try doing a factory reset of the Firestick. I then use adblink to sideload Kodi. Only time I'be had problems i if my wireless signal is weak.
Buddy, I think you are installing Kodi On Firestick in right way that why you are facing this issue check out the complete guide to install Kodi On Firestick, it may help you out.
Thanks me later:-)
Because you must be installing wrong apk.
Firestick has 32bit processor. If you try to install a 64 bit Kodi app, it wont install.
So download a 32bit Kodi apk from Kodi download page and then try to install it.
Has anyone found a way to Manually  update the s/w on the Amazon fire tv box to 5.0 or higher? I to am searching for a way to run Kodi 17.1 or higher but I have had no luck searching thus far.

Thanks for any help.