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Full Version: How to "Lock" Kodi Resolution
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I have purchased a new UHD tv. I've read various issues on the forum about display refresh rates etc.

My problem is slightly different to others. I want the tv to do the upscaling to reduce the htpc load and I think the quality is better.

I have a new hdmi 2 cable.

I have tried several of kodis resolution settings with auto refresh rate both on and off. I find the best picture quality (by some margin) comes when I have kodi set to 1080p and refresh rate to off.
This is for both sd and hd content. Live tv and files.

BUT the issue I have is when I change the resolution Kodi keeps changing it back to 3840. Is there a setting in the config files I can change to lock in 1080?
What do you have Kodi installed on?
Kodi 17.4 on a w10 htpc.

AMD A10 chipset.
Adjust your desktop resolution to the resolution you want
I've given that a try but somehow kodi seems to change the desktop resolution.
I think the issue is the motherboard hdmi will only allow 4K at 24hz. Which is why 1080 at 60hz with the tv doing the upscaling is far clearer.