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Full Version: raw nef kodi 17,6 osx
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Salve a tutti, sono un neofita di kodi ma molto interssato, mi piace molto l'idea di un contenitore di tutto audio e video.
Ho un problema la versione su indicata con mac non mi supporta la visione delle foto raw , sono un fotografo e mi piacerebbe creare slide con kodi. Qualcuno ha la pazienza di aiutarmi?
Hello @leosacco

We are an English forum. You can write in Italian, but you must also post the English translation.

Kodi v17 does not support RAW images... 299034 (thread)

It will be supported in Kodi v18, once someone writes the add-on for it. I don't know if it is already available or not.
the add-on is available for kodi 18.
Thanks @spiff.

I have searched the repository, but it did not jump out at me. What is the add-on named, or where is it located?
It's compiled in so you just have to enable it from my addons
Ah, right.

Thanks @Martijn

If any other member is looking for the RAW Decoder for Images in Kodi Leia v18.x it is located here...

Main Menu>Add-ons>My Add-ons>Image Decoder>libraw image decoder.

Enable this add-on the same way you would any other add-on.
If you find that your RAW Images still do not display, you will need to add an advancedsettings.xml entry to include additional Picture Extensions.

See http://kodi.wiki/view/AdvancedSettings.x...extensions for further information

For example to display Nikon's NEF file, and Sony's ARW File, you will enter the following into your advancedsettings.xml file...

the add-on supplies the extensions and they are automatically added to listings.

only formats i have bothered to test is enabled, namely dng, cr2, nef and arw. in principle you should be able to add more by editing addon.xml.
Ok, I had to add the extensions to advancedsettings.xml to see NEF and ARW, otherwise they would not display. Even after a couple of restarts.

Tested on Kodi18.0-Alpha1 Git:20180113-acedd16 for windows

-- Edit --
I just tested again. I removed the advancedsettings.xml entry and restarted Kodi. No nef or arw images. Replaced the advancedsettings.xml entry and the nef and arw images are visible again. I have log for both if you think it will help.
sorry I did not know you could write only in English
That is ok. Did you understand the reply? It is possible to view RAW images in v18 which is still in development.
Yes, I installed version 18, I followed it step by step, but I can not see the raw images, the part See AdvancedSettings.xml is too complicated for me
no need for log i can reproduce. something is broken.
13470 (PR)
I have a raspberry pi 3 with Raspbian GNU/Linux 9.6 (stretch) and Kodi 2:18.0~git20190102.1737-rc4- all
If I browse the Image Add-On repositories, I can't find any RAW related Add-Ons. Also I can't find the advancedsettings.xml in my .kodi directory.
What am I missing?
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