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Full Version: Udemy
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Thanks for this addon. Will you be able to support changing of playback speed, and also add buttons to quickly fast forward/rewind 15 seconds?
You can do all you requested inside KODI itself Smile
Have a bit of a search
I've never used Kodi before. I specifically installed it for use with this addon, and really have no other use for it at this time. If you can tell me how to speedup/slowdown playback, and easily jump back and forth about 10 seconds using the remote control, it'll be great. Otherwise, no worries, I'll do some searching and ask in other forums to see if I can figure it out.

(2018-12-12, 10:04)jumper4000 Wrote: [ -> ]I've never used Kodi before.

Quick_start_guide (wiki) and Basic_controls (wiki)
You can also create your own custom keymap in KODI to do what you want.