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Full Version: TheMovieDB - Movie scraper
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Image Scraper for Movies

Site used: https://www.themoviedb.org/
Status: Working for Kodi v15 and later. Available scraper functions will depend on Kodi version in use.

TheMovieDB scraper for Movies is the default scraper (wiki) for Movies and Movie Collections used by KODI v18 and earlier.
The scraper relies on matching your folder and filenames to movie titles at TheMovieDB site. For this reason, it is important to ensure your folders and files are correctly and cleanly named for an accurate scrape.

This scraper will download the following:
Artwork: Poster and Fanart for Movie and Movie Sets, Actor images.
Metadata: Numerous.

The following links may assist with setting up your library:
How to Create your Video Library (wiki)
Naming your folders and files (wiki)
Adding Sources and Scraper Settings (wiki)

Solutions to common scraping problems (wiki)
Read Me before posting in this thread

At minimum we require the following. Without it, your post may be ignored
  • A concise description of the problem
  • Links to the movies at TheMovieDB
  • Debug Log
Known Issues
  • If a movie contains an Original Title not in English and you are scraping in English then there is a high chance the movie will not be found. Use a Parsing NFO File (wiki) to overcome this problem.

Release Notes

15 May 2020
v5.2.0 for Leia and higher
• Added: Option to scrape Landscape images from TheMovieDB (disabled by default)

v5.1.10- Krypton (v17) and later
v4.1.7- Jarvis (v16) and earlier
• Improved search results to handle articles at the end of the title. eg... Empire Strikes Back, The (1980)
Hi, thank you for add-on.
  • Preferred Certification Country is missing slovak language
  • Fallback language, give user option to define which language to use if their primary language is not translated
  • Keep original Poster, if i select keep original title i also logically want to keep poster as well
This will be major improve for non english users. Please fix these things, at least first bullet point with certification (that is really annoying). Thank you
You must be a motivating expert Smile
I'm not sure if this is a recent phenomena, but the scraper seems to be pulling in lots of obscure studios. For instance, I have Equalizer 2 in my library, but it pulls a studio called Mace Neufeld Productions rather than Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. It might not be important, but I like the studio logos to be populated whenever possible and believe it or not there is no icon for Mace Neufeld Productions.

Is this a matter of the scraper pulling them in in a strange order? I looked the movie up on themoviedb.org and don't even see where the studios are listed. If I just need to try to fix/reorder the studios on themoviedb.org then I can work on that.
(2019-05-31, 09:07)tehRuttiger Wrote: [ -> ]Is this a matter of the scraper pulling them in in a strange order?
No, it is the way they were entered at TMDB. First one off the list is what is used.

(2019-05-31, 09:43)Karellen Wrote: [ -> ]
(2019-05-31, 09:07)tehRuttiger Wrote: [ -> ]Is this a matter of the scraper pulling them in in a strange order?
No, it is the way they were entered at TMDB. First one off the list is what is used.


It looks like I would need a proper account there to see that stuff. I'll have to see if I can pick some lowhanging fruit and put the more prominent company at the top for a couple and see what happens. One of the production companies I researched (in trying to find a logo for it) wasn't even listed on the movie poster itself.

Thanks for the response!

Yep, an account will give access to the edit screens.

You can fix locally though, and avoid all the online work and rescraping (and maybe some annoyed mods). Some methods...

1. Export library to NFO Files, edit the Studio value, and Refresh back into the library
2. Use Chorus2 and change Studios (see images) (easiest)... Web_interface (wiki)
3. Direct edit the database. (not recommended, but option is there if you know SQL)

I've used this on my Android TV and on my PC and I've noticed on the PC the scraper also lists undetected films, by their folder name.
On Android TV it only lists them in the error log, not in the Movies list.
Is it possible to have the PC behavior in Android TV as well? I've compared scraper/library settings and they're the same.

Sorry, I don't really understand what the problem is. Maybe you can provide some screenshots, or other information, to clarify what the issue is.
Sorry but I got confused by Kodi's interface. When going back from MOVIES I ended up in the Files section.

Anyway, Movies only shoes succesfully scanned films whilst files also shows the failed items with their original Folder names


Files (also shows "2001 A Space...")

It would be nice if the scarper could include these failed items or if they were displayed as in the Files section as it would be far easier to manage them rather than going to the event log.
Interesting problem, it seems it comes from tmdb scraper. I have a relatively huge movie database, it's about 500 movies. Addig the folder to kodi, using the default scraper (just change preferred language to hu) I got interesting results:

After the 1st time of scanning I got a lot of "faulty" images of actors, posters, like these (check the hair):

When I referesh movie infos manually, I got the good quality:

(Other (maybe better) examples: http://joco1114.synology.me/dl/mont.jpg)

I've tried to scrape with Universal scraper using themoviedb.org for actors pix and posters, same result. No problem with imdb scraper, but they are shitty images. Smile

I have a high speed internet connection (fiber gigabit), the problem occurs on Android (nvidia shield) and on Windows too.

Maybe I make something wrong, or is it a rescriction of themoviedb.org?

Thank you!
Hello, TMDB scraper can't scan some movies in my base. It says there is no information, but when I use search at the website the movie is there. Is there any solution for that?
I'm suffering the same problem, is there a solution for that ?
Notice to Members

The problem
It seems that TheMovieDB may have made some changes to their API again which are now affecting the Kodi XML scrapers. @olympia will advise if this assumption is incorrect
The issue seems to affect selected titles, usually recent and current release movies.

The Workaround
Until the issue is investigated and a fix becomes available, use a Parsing NFO file for any problem movies.
Instructions are here... NFO_files#Parsing_nfo (wiki)
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