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Full Version: Take playlists from iTunes?
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I've asked before about direct access to an iTunes library, and it seems impossible.
So... I bring my iTunes library into Kodi as a music source, and all the albums are there, just not the playlists (as expected). Is there any way to translate iTunes playlists so they appear in Kodi?
The only (manual) way I've found is to be in iTunes and viewing the playlist to copy; go to File/Library/Export Playlist and save in .kodi/userdata/playlist/music folder. 

If you, by chance, you run iTunes in Windows and a NAS and have named your iTunes music storage folder to a fixed directory (as I do) you must also instruct Kodi to read the iTunes location correctly as well in an advancedsettings.xml file like this:
I got it to work, thanks. Discovered that I had to save it as an M3U file from iTunes (since that's what Kodi does when you click New Playlist)

Looks like a job for an addon! (or else an enhancement to Kodi itself when it imports libraries)
Thanks @jasn for the details.