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Full Version: Pellucid not respecting Key Edits in PVR menu
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Kodi noob here so apologies if I have misunderstood something.
I am running Kodi (Leia) with the MythTV plugin and Pellucid (2.1.0)  skin.  It is a really nice skin but I have one problem with it.

In the PVR>Recordings menu I cannot pull up the Context menu and so cannot delete recordings.
It works if I attach a keyboard and use the 'C' key, but not using my TV remote control.
I have used the Key Editor to assign the 'Blue button' on my remote to the 'Context' menu in both Global and PVR settings and this works with Estuary skin, and with Pellucid in other menus, but not in PVR>Recordings.

Thanks for a really nice skin.
Forget  my previous post.  It is now not working in Estuary either, so clearly not a Pellucid problem. I am sure it was working previously. I shall investigate further and ask again in the Myth PVR forum if I cannot get my head around it.