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Full Version: Mark-III
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Hi, nice mods you've made Smile

I'm trying to download the skin but all the links are down, can you re-upload the skin again?


meanwhile i've made a lot of updates.
you can download a zip-file (without weather-fanart)

added weather+, clearart for music, actors-script support...

if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
there may be some buttons without translation (mainly fokused on german users Wink )
Don't we have the most current one also in the xbmcnerds-repository?
Just wondering as you link to ubuntuone...

Very slick and quick would love to see the translations completed but otherwise very impressed
Maybe i'll find some time to make the translations...

the skin should also be available in the xbmcnerds-repository:
donabi feel free to request that it goes in the main xbmc repo if you want I have no interest maintaining it so happy if you want to push it there and claim ownership
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