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Full Version: [REQUEST] Hide Home scroller on screensaver or variable timeout?
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I'm looking for a way to get the home scroller to hide when the screensaver enables itself. I like the idea of the screen dim and the background fanart changing when it's dim, but I'm afraid of potential screen burn with the home scroller. Is there any way to hide it once the screensaver kicks on, so you essentially have the slideshow screensaver without calling it -- Or maybe a variable setting to hide the home scroller after a defined timeout period.

Anyone have any idea how to do it or are there any talented coders out there willing to take on the task of animating it?


I'm aware of the Fanart Slideshow and the Slideshow screensavers, but they don't dim the screen and I don't think either looks as good as it would if it was just the dimmed background fanart instead of scrolling effects, latent fade outs and resizing my fanart for the effects.
As an alternative, does anyone know how to modify the properties of the Slideshow screensaver?