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Full Version: [MAC] HOW-TO setup Logitech Harmony Remote for use with XBMC for Mac OS X
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PLuGGPro, best to make this a new thread in the Mac OS X help forum: http://forum.xbmc.org/forumdisplay.php?fid=56
(2011-08-23, 13:33)pirtoo Wrote: [ -> ]On an OSX Mini running 10.6.8 and XBMC 10.1 I followed the original instructions and the Harmony remote generating plex IR codes only partially works, most buttons repeated navigation commands. I double checked Keycode.xml files, etc.

After going through the rest of the details and trying a few things I installed Candelair and things started working perfectly. Thanks!

@Pitroo, did you ever get an answer for why this is happening? Exact same thing is happening on my install, but I have XBMC 11 Eden installed and a 2011 Mini running Lion (not sure the exact number >10.7 obv). At first I noticed that during my initial setup of the Mini I had symlinked to all the keymaps I have in a Dropbox folder (that were only pertinent to my HTPC XBMC installation). I've since deleted those symlinks but am still experiencing this odd behavior.

Additional Info:
I have the Plex Player profile in Harmony (using a 900 btw) and have, for instance, mapped 'Previous' to the previous button and 'Exit' to the exit button on the Harmony. When I press the Previous button XBMC responds as if a "Direction Down" has been pressed and the Exit button responds as a "Direction Up". There are various other instances of this odd behavior. I've tried every combination of remote in XBMC's System->Settings->Input Devices including, obviously, the Multi-Harmony Remote with and without "remote sends keyboard presses" checked.

Anybody have any ideas? It almost seems like its still reading the old Keymaps.xml that was in my User Folder's Keymaps Folder, but that Keymaps folder is now empty. Is there anywhere else I should check?

Also and slightly off topic, but is there any way to load a simple keyboard profile into the Harmony software? Something similar to the one present for Windows machines?
Hi all, I love having all my buttons working on XBMC, but now that I turned off pairing, my XBMC is being controlled while I'm using my AppleTV (I'm using both). I used to have them set up as is described by logitech here:http://logitech-en-amr.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/8480.

Does anyone have an idea how I can make sure the XBMC isn't being controlled while I'm using my logitech harmony to control other devices?

Does anyone knows how to use an Harmony Touch with XBMC ?

Hey just to update you on my message above, I found a solution on my own. I set up the appleTV with the harmony, and had the appleTV learn a custom remote. I just added some panasonic DVD player to my harmony set up and then taught the AppleTV to be controlled with that. When I did that, it didn't matter that the mac mini wasn't paired because this panasonic remote profile wouldn't have controlled it. Took me a while to figure this solution out, but obvious when you know it.
Once I upgraded to Frodo 12.2 from Eden my ability to launch XBMC with the menu button on my Harmony 650 remote disappeared.
Any thoughts?
(2014-02-17, 06:37)Novamac Wrote: [ -> ]Once I upgraded to Frodo 12.2 from Eden my ability to launch XBMC with the menu button on my Harmony 650 remote disappeared.
Any thoughts?

Can't say specifically but I know there were issues with 12.2 and Mavericks. So if that's the OS you're running I'd first upgrade to 12.3. Actually, I'm sure some of the hard core "don't blindly upgrade" senior members may disagree, but i'd probably just upgrade anyways.
Hi all,

Sorry if this was already answered but i skimmed the entire thread and searching doesn't help. I'm trying to figure out how to get the repeat for up and down direction arrows going, does anyone know how? So for example i press up, it goes up by one in a menu but when i hold it it goes doesn't speed up so you have to press it repeatedly. I can map it too big up on long press but that kinda sucks compared to holding down the arrow key on a keyboard. Any ideas?

Figured out that if you have both the long and the short press assigned to the direction it works fine.
I am using the Harmony Smart Hub with my Mac Mini. It does take a little "fiddlin'." SYSTEM PREFS>SECURITY & PRIVACY>FIREWALL>ADVANCED. This is the setting for the infrared receiver Somehow, I spun my wheels and brains until I accidentally discovered the receiver was OFF. Once I set this correctly, I rebooted everything and the Harmony control was all there for XBMC, both on the phone and the remote. Then it was a simple matter of tweaking and fine tuning, as well as setting up some custom commands. I also use a little iPhone App called "Hippo", if I am not breaking any rules by saying so, as a very excellent alternative for XBMC as well as Mac OS X..
Is there an updated guide for the latest versions of OSX and Kodi?
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