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Full Version: [RELEASE] Export Watched Data - Backup your watched status
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It dies on me when it encounters certain non-standard characters.

For example, "30 Rock - S05E13 - ¡Qué Sorpresa!" is exported as

Bah. Forum coverts the codes even in CODE tags. Below, # is actually &# in the XML file
<file>30 Rock - S05E13 - #194;#161;Qu#195;#169; Sorpresa! - HD TV.mkv</file>

It chokes on that and the script fails when you try to do an import. Removing lines with the coded chars from the Watched.xml file allows the import to complete.

Here's a few more examples:
<file>House - S03E06 - Que Ser#195;#161; Ser#195;#161; - HD TV.mkv</file>
<file>Lost - S03E14 - Expos#195;#169; - 720p BluRay.mkv</file>
<file>NCIS - S01E16 - B#195;#170;te Noire - HD TV.mkv</file>
<file>NCIS - S02E12 - Doppelg#195;#164;nger - 720p WEB-DL.mkv</file>
Thanks for the error report Ecwfrka!
I had a look at it and think I found a fix for it.
Have a try with the new version. 1.2.2 --> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3317056/script.watched.flag.zip
New version 1.2.4 --> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3317056/script.watched.flag.zip
Added some settings, debug output and an option to skip the long rar paths, now it only saves the video filename.
It's a very nice plugin good job
Just tried it on Eden B3; export worked okay, import failed...

Where does the file actually go?
Haven't tried it on beta 3 yet, but will now then.

The export file goes in your database folder.
No problems here with beta 3.

Maybe you can explain a bit more what you did,
*version of the script? (1.2.6 is the latest)
*import/export on same/different system?
*did the export on an earlier xbmc?
*do you use local db or mysql?
*what error did you get? (did the xbmc.log show anything)
*script 1.2.6
*export/import on the same system, immediately after each other (just to test)
*local db
*just said script failed; after my wife wakes up I'll have to go try again and save the log...
Ok, thanks
Seems all good then with the setup, but maybe it's something similar to what Ecwfrk ran into with specific characters.

If the log don't show any error you could try to turn on the debug option in my script or the one for whole xbmc and see if that brings out some error. But usually when you get a script failed error it will show in the normal log.
Okay, here's a Debug Log excerpt from XBMC from before I clicked on the script to after I quit the script...


Looking at the XML, it seems to be all there, but want to be SURE the import works, because at some point (probably not near, but at some point...) I want to switch from Ubuntu to XBMCUbuntu, and the thought of checking watched status on this many movies... eek!
I can understand your worries with such a nice collection, but I hope the switch will be smooth for you once it takes place, I'll do my best to help out with that. Smile

The problem seems to be that you got an empty sub element in your export file, the new version fixes this, but how you got an empty one from the export concerns me a bit. Could just be old junk in the db but I have to look into it.

I added the id to the export file, maybe you could make a new export and see if you find the empty element in your file and see if it has an id value.

1.2.8 here -> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3317056/script.watched.flag.zip
Thanks Fox, with that new version it all worked swimmingly! Smile
Glad to hear that!
I take it you have quite a lot of watched data, how was the import time wise?
For the next release I was thinking about changing the quick option to a value the user can set, atm the quick option = 10 which means it chunks up 10 sql inserts into one and it practically cuts the time 10 fold.
This is of course mostly noticeable when one use mysql on a separate computer.
I have tried the last two versions you've posted under Eden, and I get nothing but "Script Failed" when I click on "Import Export Watched Flag". This is on a system running regular XBMC (NOT XBMC Live) under Ubuntu 10.10.

Also, the version number always says 1.0.1 no matter which file I install from. Is that normal?

EDIT: Okay, THAT was weird. When I would download the file and try to install it, apparently it was pulling an OLD version from somewhere - darned if I know where becase I deleted the old ZIP file! But when I renamed the new ZIP file to a nonsense name with a zip extension and then told XBMC to install THAT, THEN it installed just fine, and it works! It's like the old version was the zombie that wouldn't die!

Maybe you should consider including a version number or something in the filename. But honestly, I DID delete the old version, and for some reason it kept coming back! Anyway, thanks much for the update!

Thanks for the report xbmcliveuser,
I have also seen this behavior but not sure what is happening. Some times it works fine to update and other times not.
I think I need to get it in a repository to get around the problems.

I moved this into another thread
So it can be easier to find the latest version and such.
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