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Full Version: When I change settings they all revert after XBMC restart.
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Hi, its my first post, so go easy.

Ive searched literally for hours trying to find the solution to this problem, but I cant even find anyone else who has had it.

Ive been using XBMC for a few months now with no particular problems that I couldnt solve with a bit of searching. This one has me stumped however.

Whenever I change any settings in XBMC, they are applied perfectly. Once I restart XBMC I find all the changes I have made have been lost. Literally every single change, including screen resolution; skin; ipod remote passwords, backdrops etc. It did used to work but then when I updated it last, it stopped working.

I have updated a couple of times hoping the issue would sort itself out, but nothing I do seems to make any difference. I have not uninstalled and reinstalled from scratch as I have 3TB of movies and tv series that I have pain stakingly scraped and organised just as I want them.

Im using Windows 7 X64, Core i5 750, HD4870 1GB, 4GB RAM for my HTPC.

Im using "xbmc-r35567-Dharma_rc2" which I downloaded today. I think this is probably a very simple problem, its just that I dont really understand the ins and outs of XBMC and therefore have not been able to work out the solution by myself.

Thanks very much for taking the time to read this rather lengthy first post.

At a guess you have two shortcuts to XBMC. One of them is setup in "portable" mode, running with the -p commandline option.

The other isn't. You're toggling between the two, so you apply settings in one and then they disappear when you re-run it by clicking on the other one.

I actually thought of that while trying to figure out what might be the problem. I did have XBMC pinned to my taskbar and was using that to launch the program. So just to make sure, I deleted the shortcut from the taskbar and launched from within the install directory, changed the settings and then shutdown XBMC. I then restarted XBMC using the same shortcut in the install directory and it had yet again reverted back to what it was before.
Can you pop a debug log on pastebin.com?

jhsrennie Wrote:Can you pop a debug log on pastebin.com?


Sorry, I should have read through the guide and ensured I did this step already. I didnt know how to do it, so I Googled and followed the instructions here http://paulrae.com/2010/11/03/how-to-ena...g-in-xbmc/ I hope the log file has enough information as I wasnt able to apply all the changes and then restart XBMC with the log file still recording. Mainly because it reverted all my settings back to how they were before I enabled the debugging/confluence skin/resolution change etc as soon as I restarted XBMC.

I just had a look at the log file and find myself suddenly feeling like I have not got a clue how any of you can decipher anything meaningful from it! I did see this line several times and thought it might related.

ERROR: Unable to save settings to special://masterprofile/guisettings.xml

Anyway here is the link to the log file.


Thanks again for any help.

djrichard Wrote:ERROR: Unable to save settings to special://masterprofile/

Yes, that looks ominous. "masterprofile" is C:\Users\Richard\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\userdata so XBMC is trying (and failing) to write to C:\Users\Richard\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\userdata\guisettings.xml. This file contains all the user settings, so it's no surprise that your settings arn't being saved.

I would try deleting C:\Users\Richard\AppData\Roaming\XBMC then running XBMC and it should recreate it. If you have stuff in there you want to keep move the XBMC folder instead of deleting it.

Would deleting that folder delete just the setting changes I have made, or change the data I have scraped and organised for all of my media? I will just move it initially though, just in case!
Im actually having difficulty trying to browse to correect folder. Im able to directly copy the address into my web browser, but it doesnt delete properly. Is there some other way to navigate on Windows 7? When I open the C drive there isnt the option to choose USER, in fact I cant even find "AppData" when I search for it in the START menu.
Is there any kind of folder I could find that would have all the currently saved info, such as the scraped data etc? Then perhaps I could just copy that and then uninstall and reinstall the entire thing. Copy and replace with the folder I saved and all would work out, then I could possible change the settings and they would remain in place after restart.
Appdata is a hidden folder. (Windows doesn't want us messing around in there, because doing so can cause us to lose our settings.) The only way to reach it is to make hidden folders visible (no idea how to do that in Win7) or to type the address in full on the address bar.

So what you would do is type:


into the address bar, and then delete the XBMC folder. (While XBMC isn't running.) Then I'd probably reinstall XBMC and see what happens.

In fact, since you don't have any data being saved anyway, you might do a full uninstall of XBMC, make sure that folder is gone, and then do a reinstall (using RC2). I have no idea why it's acting the way it is, but I have to think some permission in Windows is messing up.
Although nothing is being saved now, It still has all the scraped data and the configuration saved before this problem developed. Even all the custom backdrops etc are still there, so there must be saved data somewhere, it just seems that its not being written to now.

If I was to do a full uninstall and install of XBMC, wouldnt that remove all of the data that Ive scraped and I would have to start again? I know this might seem a small issue as XBMC does it all automatically, but in reality I have had to manually add quite a few things, or add custom cover art that wasnt suitable as I dont use banner view for tv series. I had to find many poster covers and add them. Ultimately I will do this if I have to, but I would like to avoid it as much as possible.

I did copy&paste the directory into my browser, but it is not like XP. When I delete the file, as soon as I go to the link again, its still there! I think Im going to have to do a bit of research regarding searching in Win7.
Press Windows-R and in the run dialog type:


and click OK. This should open an Explorer windows showing many folders, one of which will be XBMC. If you delete the folder then it will delete all your scraped data, so I would just rename it e.g. to XBMC.old. Try running XBMC and it will create a new XBMX folder will the default settings. See if this does save settings. If it does we can take things from there.

Thanks for the Windows+R command, that worked perfectly. I did delete all the contents of that folder, then searched for it again and it was indeed erased. I launched XBMC and changed the resolution etc and then restarted it. All settings reverted once again! I think I must be cursed, I am quite amazed at how irritating this issue is becoming. One of my friends came over last night to see my new 60" plasma I just bought, and I had to leave XBMC minimized just so I didnt have to change all the settings to show off! For some reason when XBMC is minimized it makes my GPUs fans pulsate, and with a HD4870. thats quite noisy! Big Grin

Im going to try and delay erasing everything in the hope that some moment of genius will come to me or someone reading this and a solution will present itself.