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- dawson865 - 2011-10-04 13:31

Is it possible to add teamcoco to free cable? Or is this behind the pay wall as well?

- Eldorado - 2011-10-06 02:56

Just noticed when doing a re-install that the South Park addon is no longer available, is it officially toast?

The shows are available in lots of places, but it was a nice addon Smile

- BlueCop - 2011-10-06 03:00

nope it isn't gone just part of comedy central for free cable.

I have that station disabled right now. They use swf verify 2 but their servers will accept v1. you need a patched librtmp for it to work. It didn't seem like rtmpdump will incorporate the patch from the the mailing list thread on it.

- xbmcforme - 2011-10-07 04:14

I recently began using XBMC after a long hiatus. Free Cable was one of the first plugins installed after discovering several of the old major network specific plugins no long worked. This is absolutely the MOST used plugin in the family. Thanks for all the hard work by all involved.

- lovewiibrew - 2011-10-10 11:59

I go to the section "all shows' and a lot of stuff I click on either won"t load the page (it just flickers) or many shows won't do anything or say plugin failed. Am I missing something?

im a newbee!! at this i got xbmc on apt2!!!!! but freecable - sleepy - 2011-10-15 16:42

im a newbee!! at this i got xbmc on apt2!!!!! but freecable
but it will not play any video it say verify logs!!!! please help!! i'm in puerto rico

- sleepy - 2011-10-15 16:43

sleepy Wrote:im a newbee!! at this i got xbmc on apt2!!!!! but freecable
but it will not play any video it say verify logs!!!! please help!! i'm in puerto rico

bluecop greate worck god bless!!!!

- mrdally204 - 2011-10-15 18:13

if its not playing it may be due to your location as these are USA networks. Please post your logs so we can look into it

CBS empty lists - smacrae - 2011-10-18 09:52

As of around 6 hours ago Australian Eastern Time the network CBS is not longer listing content for Primetime, Daytime etc.

Tried on latest builds for aTV2 and also OSX including nightly's etc.

ABC, NBC etc. etc. all continue to work and list fine.

If one searches on All shows within the root directory then content within CBS lists and plays without issue.

Thanks Bluecop, love ya work....

- BlueCop - 2011-10-18 22:26

i committed a fix for cbs.

abc needs an update for multi season support. this should also fix the shows that don't list episode right now.

nbc also needs some fixes for a few shows.

CBS Icons - smacrae - 2011-10-19 00:45

Hi Bluecop...

Great...all working again....

However one small issues, that doesn't bother me if it is working or not but I thought I'd let you know, is the icons to the left of a show name when one selects Primetime only renders about 3-4 of them....the rest don't get listed.

Thanks heaps...having CBS back through FreeCable is very welcomed....

- IwantMyXBMC - 2011-10-19 04:02

Hey BlueCop,

How do I properly update your plugin whenever you make changes?

- mrdally204 - 2011-10-19 05:04


Ensure that bluecops repository is installed an that auto updates are enabled in XBMC and it will do it for you !

- IwantMyXBMC - 2011-10-19 06:28

Where do I enable updates?

- mrdally204 - 2011-10-19 13:20

should be on by default. if not, go to get more add ons, then click to the left to bring up the side menu and you should see it there