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[RELEASE] Free Cable - US station aggregator
I was working on something for ABC and FOX streaming sites when I decided to try to make a station aggregator. The current root list has a station list and an 'All Shows' item which will list all available shows:

It is still new. I am still adding stations to it. I also plan to add a master show cache so that 'All Shows' loads quickly. I also want to add an option to 'Full Episodes' where it is all shows with full episode available.

If you have an criticisms let me know. I am also not set on the 'Free Cable' name. It is just something that came to mind. if anyone has a better name, icon or fanart ideas please post.

Current stations:
  1. A&E
  2. ABC
  3. ABC Family
  4. AMC
  5. Bravo
  6. CBS(& startrek.com)
  7. The CW
  8. Food Network
  9. History Channel
  10. Lifetime
  11. MTV
  12. NBC
  13. Oxygen
  14. Spike
  15. SyFy
  16. TV Land
  17. USA
  18. VH1
  19. Biography Channel
  20. The WB
  21. Game Show Network

Broken stations:[LIST=2]
[*]FOX - new streaming method
[*]FX - new streaming method
[*]Comedy Central - using swf verify 2
[*]TBS - Cable Wall
[*]TNT - Cable Wall
[*]Adult Swim - Cable Wall
[*]Cartoon Network - Cable Wall

Stations to be added:[LIST=3]
[*]National Geographic
[*]Smithsonian Channel
[*]Link TV

here is the repo where you can get it.

Known Issues
Spike - Some episodes report having 1600kbps streams that don't exist on the server. You can work around this by lowering the bitrate limit below 1600 so it will play a lower bitrate stream down. I am still working out a way to fix this.
ABC Family - clip playback is messed up. Full Episodes still work

Consider this beta. It still needs a lot of work.
I don't see free cable in the repo.

Also... FreeKable might be a good name.
fiddystorms Wrote:I don't see free cable in the repo.

Also... FreeKable might be a good name.

Just do a force refresh on bluecop's rep.
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Quote:[/I don't see free cable in the repo.

Also... FreeKable might be a good name.

You must download the separate repo that he has posted in the link, install it in xbmc, access it through the addons manager, and add it from there.
This is great! If it will show full episodes and use station logos when browsing, this would be amazing!

How about:

To learn more, click here.
igotdvds: I am going to add station logos and fanart when I am done adding stations. When the plug-in caches the master show list I want to also scrape metadata, icons, and art for the available shows from somewhere. I think it will look pretty in the end.

Also if anyone has any other US stations that stream full episodes please post them. I added FX and ABC Family to my to do list. I was thinking about PBS too but didn't want to encroach on stacked excellent PBS plug-in.

I might also add other sites that don't stream full episodes but they are the lowest priority so any suggestions for those would be nice too. I was going to add BBC American where I could watch doctor who confidential and HBO to watch bill maher's overtime videos.
In case you liked the name.

To learn more, click here.
Like that logo. But I like this name better:




...but there's just gotta be a (aggre)gator.


or not. Either way - looking forward to trying this out.
BlueCop Wrote:I also plan to add a master show cache so that 'All Shows' loads quickly

This is something more plugins should do, it seems wrong that browsing around sections should always have to reload / scrape the same content.

Good luck, it is a great idea.
Ok, tried it out. This. Is. Awesome.
<CableGator> is awesome!

ABC, CBS, NBC all work fine for me. No go on Fox tho'. I am on ATV2, Dharma 10.1, latest release (not a nightly). I can post a log if you want.


A favorites folder within the add-on would be neat if that's possible (like Icefilms).

I am torn between wanting more networks & wanting to see it kept simple (for example so the All Shows section doesn't get out of hand.). Fortunately, I don't have to - or get to - make that decision. I would like to see PBS added. How about Crackle? Not a network of course but a good source for older shows. Food Network perhaps? MTV (shows)? Daily Show / Colbert?

This is great stuff. Keep up the good work. Who needs Hulu? CableGator FTW!
eTip: I would say that FOX probably needs an updated librtmp to work correctly. I know there is compiled librtmp.dll for windows and it is easy to update on linux. I am not sure the easiest way for appletv2.
this is very nice!

i see the proxy stuff is commented out at the moment, but i thought i'd let you know it all seems to work from the UK except for CBS which does require a proxy.

etip: have you seen http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=99974


@BlueCop: Thanks, I will check into that.

@T0mm0: of course - I have (almost) all of your addons installed! Wink Just have so many new ones to play with, I forget what I have.

I already have a 'gator I am using for my icon.png for "CableGator". No, I won't stop saying CableGator. I am on a campaign here. It's gonna get in your head whether you like it or not. Like a bad song.
Bluecop, love all you add ons. Thanks for finally combining sites and creating a "Hulu" of your own if you will. I have only tried a few streams, one from Fox and a few from NBC. I tried a few different quality settings and it does not appear to adhere to the options in settings. I have a lite internet connection and bit rate control (low) is essential. Can anyone else confirm weather it is working for them or not?

Side note: I will be trying this out on xbmc4xbox later today. Off the top of your head, is there anything in the code that you are aware of that will make this incompatible? It would be amazing if you could make this platform neutral considering how many sites you have on your to do list! Thanks again and keep up the amazing work.
Another brillant addon . The quality of the streams has to be the best ive seen yet , little slow to load but worth waiting for . Nice job , well done a great addition to the ever expanding atv2
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