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Dell IR receiver OVU412002/00 - discmeister - 2011-08-24

Hi all,

I built up an XBMC Live-based PC a couple of months ago, because I don't want to use Windows. I've been using one of the HP IR receiver clones - bought off eBay, so it's not exactly a genuine one - and it won't allow my Harmony remote to send keyboard commands (such as the subtitles on/off, a feature that I use quite regularly).

I'm looking to upgrade the receiver, therefore, and have found some Dell IR receivers going for a good price - the model number is OVU412002/00.

Just wondering if anyone has used one of these with XBMC Live and can advise on its compatibility? I can't find any records on this, apart from the fact that Dell remotes are usually up there with genuine Microsoft ones on this score...

Hope someone can help - and thanks again to all for XBMC. It's really transformed how we watch movies and TV shows in our house.


RE: Dell IR receiver OVU412002/00 - svinyard - 2012-04-25

just got this ir sensor. it receives harmony 900 commands via ir but NOT via rf atm. anyone have an idea?

UPDATE: This receiver works like a charm. The Harmony 900 does not automatically set new devices to be used with RF. I had to go into the remote, settings, rf settings, advanced rf settings and adjust which devices are used by RF. Very annoying...

RE: Dell IR receiver OVU412002/00 - mlu3141 - 2013-08-13

How did you get this to work? I'm using a Harmony 650 set to Microsoft WMC with the Dell IR receiver. For most buttons, it recognizes a signal (the red light on the receiver flashes), but nothing happens. I've tried showkey, and it doesn't register any input from the remote.