Dell IR receiver OVU412002/00
Hi all,

I built up an XBMC Live-based PC a couple of months ago, because I don't want to use Windows. I've been using one of the HP IR receiver clones - bought off eBay, so it's not exactly a genuine one - and it won't allow my Harmony remote to send keyboard commands (such as the subtitles on/off, a feature that I use quite regularly).

I'm looking to upgrade the receiver, therefore, and have found some Dell IR receivers going for a good price - the model number is OVU412002/00.

Just wondering if anyone has used one of these with XBMC Live and can advise on its compatibility? I can't find any records on this, apart from the fact that Dell remotes are usually up there with genuine Microsoft ones on this score...

Hope someone can help - and thanks again to all for XBMC. It's really transformed how we watch movies and TV shows in our house.

just got this ir sensor. it receives harmony 900 commands via ir but NOT via rf atm. anyone have an idea?

UPDATE: This receiver works like a charm. The Harmony 900 does not automatically set new devices to be used with RF. I had to go into the remote, settings, rf settings, advanced rf settings and adjust which devices are used by RF. Very annoying...
How did you get this to work? I'm using a Harmony 650 set to Microsoft WMC with the Dell IR receiver. For most buttons, it recognizes a signal (the red light on the receiver flashes), but nothing happens. I've tried showkey, and it doesn't register any input from the remote.
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Dell IR receiver OVU412002/0000