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- skabyss - 2012-02-07

I wish I could give you more specific detail on how/when the issue occurs, but it seems to be that it is rather inconsistant. Mostly it happens when I mentioned earlier, when I walk out of network range before the widget has changed the wallpaper back.. It seems to work better than it was in previous builds, but I haven't seen a pattern that causes it. I thought the refresh button might help as more of an explicit wallpaper reset button, considering it was a configurable button and could be changed if not needed by other users.

Either way, it isnt much of an issue, just trying to give my experience so you can make the best app for high and low end devices Smile

I look forward to updates, planning on a market release? Would love to buy a version.

Tolriq Wrote:I'm not sure to understand.

For the default wallpaper, there's a advanced option to force a reset the wallpaper even if the backup did not work. (And another one if you use a Live Wallpaper).

When wallpaper does not works is it always the same film / tv show ? Does it work sometimes or never ?
It may be possible that the OS does not recognize the fanart as an acceptable image, or that the image is too big for your system. The wallpaper setting is done from Android OS, i just open a stream to the image then let the OS play.
If the image is not good, or XBMC timeout on this request (happens some times can't really help since i don't receive the timeout event) then the fanart is not set.

I'll think about the button but not sure this would really be helpful.

- Tolriq - 2012-02-07

Well I've finally perhaps found an artist to help, will wait to see if he can get a good theme before next release.

I don't know if i must wait for official Eden to be out or not before going to Market.
I fear people complaining that it does not work even if written in big that it does only support Eden.

There will be a free and a donate version with the same features, just a link to the donate version in the free one.

For your problem, will look for clean fanart button, this is easier than an problem to set wallpaper Smile

- warlion - 2012-02-07

I cant wait to see the new theme

I was thinking a good thing to add is a keyboard in a new windows

The market is a good place to get more feedback, but for know i think that you need more users, XDA can help you with that even when you are still in a beta release to find bugs or ideas you need more users that like testing new app and developers

- DDM123 - 2012-02-07

I uninstalled the official XBMC remote because this app is great. As stated above, a virtual keyboard would make this perfect.

- Tolriq - 2012-02-07

I'll post to XDA for next release Smile

About the virtual keyboard, you want to send text to XBMC or a full keyboard that will be mapped to xmbc shortcuts ?

If it's the second case, what functions are you missing ?

- warlion - 2012-02-07

A full keyboard to be able to search, rename, etc. With arrows to search when you download subtitles for example

- Tolriq - 2012-02-07

Well, i had the problem with Yatse before, keyboard really vary between languages Smile

What i can do without too much troubles is a button that permit to send any text to Xbmc, this should cover most of the needs i hope. If not perhaps give more detailed examples that needs special behaviour.

- DDM123 - 2012-02-07

Tolriq Wrote:I'll post to XDA for next release Smile

About the virtual keyboard, you want to send text to XBMC or a full keyboard that will be mapped to XBMC shortcuts ?

If it's the second case, what functions are you missing ?

I'd use it mostly for plugins, such as YouTube and nzbs.org streamer. Typing things in with the numerical keypad on my universal remote is painful. I don't see myself using any shortcuts that aren't already included in YATSE. Great work, by the way.

- warlion - 2012-02-07

agree also i use a lot rename, manual subtitles, addons, change from full screen, search a keyboard is really usefull
using the already keyboard from android will be sweet i use thumb keyboard and this had every key i most use on xbmc , im using a mini rii keyboard if i just can had the same on my phone will be great

- skabyss - 2012-02-08

Tolriq, today I upgraded to the galaxy nexus and am elated to say your widget is working fantastically! I even tried moving away from the network before the media stops playing, and as soon as I unlocked my phone the backgrounded faded into the original set background.. The background animation changind was a nice touch as on my OGdroid it would just be a hard cut..

Looking forward to future releases! Big Grin

- Tolriq - 2012-02-08

Glad to hear that, but i hope you did not change phone just for the widget :p

For the keyboard part, I've found some solution that satisfy me, but it seems there's some problems on xbmc side, I'd prefer to not have to implement old httpapi that is deprecated so I'll wait for answer and see what is possible to do.

- warlion - 2012-02-08

Meaby you can give us a beta to test the new functions and we give you some feedback

- Tolriq - 2012-02-08


- Theming without theme is not easy to test :p
- Keyboard that does nothing too :p
- The rest is repeatable arrows / volume that you already have :p and some very small tweaks in internals or for example audio / subs buttons that now appears only when needed.

As soon as i get a new theme I'll put a new beta even if i don't have solution for the keyboard part.

- warlion - 2012-02-08

Nice we will waiting for new release thanks Smile

Meaby a good thing to separete the free version from the donation one is the avility to download themes , there is a lot of user that love theming. And give a extra for get the donation version

- Tolriq - 2012-02-08

Well for the widget I'd like to let the free and donate version equals.

After all this is only a widget with a small remote (Ok even if it's the best one :p:p:p:p).

This will be a test to see if users play the game or not.
And will have effects on how I publish the full application.

I'd really like to go the same way for the full app, thinking users will give a little back if they use the app on a frequent basis.

(Based on Yatse experience, i must admit i doubt, users are willing to donate when they need devs to add something, but if the app is already filling their needs they tend to forget).