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RE: WeatherNation TV - mrsfixit - 2016-12-29

(2016-12-29, 02:13)MetalChris Wrote:
(2016-12-28, 21:11)mrsfixit Wrote: WeatherNation live is down again on my RPi's in LibreElec Jarvis.

Same problem as before- the videos play, but the live stream is not working at all.

Thank you for your help, and a Happy New Year to you. :-)

Wow, they've been busy moving stuff around again! I wish they could at least send me an email and let me know. Wink

The live stream should be working again. Download below, or update from my repo.

WeatherNation TV - v 0.0.7

If you have any issues with the add-on, please post a link to a log (wiki).

Happy New Year!

Yup, that did the trick. Working fine again, I have it on now. My thanks to you! :-)

I realize it must be a real PITA with have to keep up with the constant changes to keep plugins working.

My hat is off to you, and other dev's- for this is a labor of love for sure. lol

Just wanted to let you know it's appreciated. Thanks for the quick response as well. :-)

Have a great New Year! :-)

RE: WeatherNation TV - MetalChris - 2021-09-27

Updated version for Matrix now available.

WeatherNation TV - Matrix Version 2021.09.26

If you have any issues with the add-on, enable the log notices in the add-on settings, and post a link to a full, unedited debug log (wiki)

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