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RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2017-09-04

I use radio online , now i use radio addon and di.fm apps. For all apps is opening outside kodi.

For volume control or hands free depends of your hardware. I use rotary encoder for volume control thanks to odroidC2.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - smitchell6879 - 2017-09-04

android double din as example

I was wondering if you where using something like that? And if so how well does it run Kodi... My idea has been that with Kodi and since it is Android I could launch Google music app... Or just use the add-on here . Plus with Bluetooth connection for my Android phone as chevorlet is mostly iPhone based it doesnt like playing well with my phone.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2017-09-04

No , i use OdroidC2 with 7inch display.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - smitchell6879 - 2017-09-04


RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - zlamar - 2017-09-06

(2017-09-03, 08:11)idorel77 Wrote: @zalamar,
you must have the apk or addon installed. That is just a shortcut button.
By enter the value you can change the onclick button , you can use the navigation button to open waze, maps or navit (i can add more actions if you use other navigation).

Same for radio.

i will try.

Thanks for your answer. I have a Sygic navigation and I would love to start it from that shortcut, but I can not edit/make an input; or maybe I do not know a proper way to do that. It does not accept any input from Settings/Skin settings/Home menu.
Also, I have radio addons TuneIn and Radio from Kodi repository, but also I can not find a way to assign it to home shortcut. Your further help will be much appreciated.
EDIT; Ok, sometimes it is simple... I make an input; Waze... (just word Waze) after installing that app, and it works from skin Smile
Radio do not follow the same attempt.... (TuneIn)
I tried to change navigation app; input; just word Sygic; second try with path to Sygic app, and finally after that I tried with input for launch activity, but neither one worked....
EDIT 2: I am reading a little bit in CarPC-touch forum, and it seems to me that changes needs to be made in include.xml? That is out of my league/knowledge.... but I can try if you instruct me how....

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2017-09-06

Hi ,
i can add option for Sygic if you know the way to start Sygic.
I can add also for another navigation or radio.

For ex to start Waze is:
For Maps:
For Radio DI.FM :

Try now, i added Sygic.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - malin - 2017-09-08

(2017-09-03, 21:24)idorel77 Wrote: If you don't care about that pictures and you want a list you can stay on Music Library / my music nav... (i can't make a big changes, maybe some people like how is now ...including me .. )

Yes, I though about that, but I do not know how to prevent from automatic jump into this MusicOSD screen after some minutes/sec of playing music.
where it can be set ?

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - malin - 2017-09-08

(2017-09-04, 15:58)idorel77 Wrote: No , i use OdroidC2 with 7inch display.
I use that OdroidC2 too Smile do you use YouAreHere for GPS maybe ? can you start it automatically without any interaction ?

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2017-09-09

If you read the Odroid forum you can find the answer.
No, i don't use YouAreHere GPS.

Please send me pm for Offtopic. Or write on Odroid forum.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - 1milenia - 2017-09-11

How do you add your own car logo in the middle

and background

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2017-09-11

Settings-> Interface-> Configure Skin..

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - 1milenia - 2017-09-12

when i click on the program button nothing happens

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2017-09-12

In the same place you can configure the program button

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - 1milenia - 2017-09-13

if i wanted to use spotify when i click on the radio button how would i do it

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2017-09-13

Now, you can setup radio button to open Spotify

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