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[MOD] CarPC-Carbon
Hello ,

I make it a new skin CarPC-Carbon for Kodi 17 base on Estouchy.
Because a lot of people like it the last skin i kept the design.

Please tell me if you find bugs Smile , i will try to fix .
Tell me what you like it and what not. If i like your idea maybe i will make some changes.

Kodi 17

Kodi 18

Kodi 19: 

You can custom all 6 buttons , change icon , label and action(onclick) - you can use the buttons to open what you want Smile
Demonstration: https://youtu.be/HidQD-JGxAo

- Music OSD
- Settings page
- Skin Settings

- Day/Night
- Texture colors
     Transparent Blue
     Transparent Red
     Transparent Green
- Font and icons - Blue
Here 2 videos: 
   Part 1
   Part 2







In before everyone else hehe

Sent from my SM-G935T
Good Job Idorel. Looks like I got some work to do now.

I'll get at you with any ideas or thoughts that I don't know how to achieve.

However there is one, Is your knowledge only extensive towards Skin? Or do you know a decent amount about the Kodi System? The Reason I ask is, the Kodi Volume, I believe I am the one that originally asked you for Volume way back on the older skin a long time ago. However it doesn't work correctly. I say this because Kodi has its own volume. Changing this doesn't mess with Android Volume. And you must have Android Volume MAX to enjoy the Volume in Kodi. And if you happen to use an android app, say Navigation or something else, you will end up turning the volume down (I made soft key buttons for Android 5/TouchWiz to control the volume in android) but switching between these two volume's are annoying. If we could somehow get the Volume buttons to control Android's volume instead of Kodi's, we'd be set. And our ear drums will thank us for not having something blast off at us just by switching to an app that has volume maxed out.

If you know of a way.... That would be awesome. I'm gonna get to working on the skin now.
looks good can we change logo and background
@DarkerStars ,
On my system i have the navigation volume off , the navigation is just for orientation .
And i have a rotary encoder for system volume control (on odroid board) , on kodi always max, for me is perfect.

yes you can from skin settings.
Thumbs Up 
Good day @ Idorel77

First I wanted to congratulate you on such excellent development. Smile

The second one is to annoy it as I can program the Radio buttons with a TEA5767 v3.0 module, set the Navigat to work, the Programs button to open the addons I installed, such as YouTube Huh

Thank you very much with any collaboration you can give me since I am new to this development in Raspberry Pi 3
I don't understand what you want ....
Do you want to change program button to open youtube addon?

You can add shortcut addon at the bottom....
@ Idorel77
how can you add shortcut at the bottom ....?

Can you explain how?

In addition to that I can start the radio with an FM module TEA5767 v3
You can add in skin settings > home add-ons ..

I don't know about that radio ... how do you used now?
"For all buttons you must enter the available value...."
Can you explain this, in order to use radio addon or navigation (installed as apk on android?)?
Thank you for this skin. At last usable skin, simple and with big enough font...
thanks for this skin Smile

I've been looking for the skin some time (even tried to do it by myself - then abandoned that idea Smile )

I wonder if you can do something for my case, my display in car is the old type ( I use the original OEM car display ) means it is resistive type and any slide gesture is a pain in the #ss.. it was built for touching, not sliding Smile

The idea:
Could you add pair of buttons by the top and bottom of scroll bar(s) for line up/down & other ones for page up/down ? I think that would improve my usage of that skin much Smile
you must have the apk or addon installed. That is just a shortcut button.
By enter the value you can change the onclick button , you can use the navigation button to open waze, maps or navit (i can add more actions if you use other navigation).

Same for radio.

i will try.
idea 2, can we get some kind of list of songs on the MusicOSD.xml view ?

During listening, when this OSD view is called, I have too much clicks (driving a car) to jump to the another song (I know about nex/prev navigation, but I would like to see a complete list (i.e. complete Album) to precisely select song I want )

The present picture of song/album can be in the background (with some diffuse applied) or removed (I do not care much about that picture right now)

If you don't care about that pictures and you want a list you can stay on Music Library / my music nav... (i can't make a big changes, maybe some people like how is now ...including me .. )
but i thinking to have picture album on Music OSD background (some diffuse ..).
I would like to know what kind of radio you are using and how well it really runs Kodi. I have been thinking of getting a dual deck and if I can run Kodi and actually see music and videos that would be awesome, can you or someone else here point me in the direction of a radio that does this with... I would be using it in a 2011 Silverado and would like to use the volume controls and built in hands free system as well.
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