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I have wounded (not killed) my xbox - Thrillhouse - 2010-06-07


I am running a mod chipped xbox. In 2007 a friend much smarter than me installed it for me. I recently tried to update my version of xbmc and being an idiot this is what I did:

1. I booted the Auto Installer Deluxe CD, and then formatted every partition except for my F:/ drive where my movies, tv shows and music are stored (also I didn't delete the Q drive, but thats because the option wasn't provided to me).

2. I tried to run the quick install option off AID, but it gave me some error. So I booted a EvoX boot disc.

3. With my EvoX boot running, I ftp'd the "XBMC-9.04.1-FIXED-BABYLON-T3CH" version of xbmc to the location: F:\apps\XBMC.

whenever I try and run my xbox - I get a green screen telling me about error 13 (the no dashboard one). If however I boot evoX and then run XBMC from the launch->apps section it loads up.

I tried following the xbmc.wiki page about installing xbmc as the dash - but I didn't have any .xbe file to replace because I stupidly wiped it. So I then just used the xbe shortcut maker to create an xbe called evoX.xbe and placed it in my c drive. This still gives me the 'error 13' problem when I start up the xbox.

is there anyway to get xbmc working as a dash from here ?
if not can I just format everything and install xbmc from scratch ? if this is my best option can someone point me in the direction of an installation guide ? (all the guides I see seem to be for the softmodded xboxes)


As my actions outlined in this post show, I am not particularly bright, so if you could be very simple with your explanations it would be most appreciated!

- Bomb Bloke - 2010-06-07

Most hacked BIOS types (as used by modchips) want to boot the file "c:\evoxdash.xbe". Try renaming your "evox.xbe" file to that and see what happens.

The Q partition is a virtual one that points to whatever folder you installed XBMC in. It's only available while that particular copy of XBMC is running.

Games store their save data on the E partition (in the UDATA/TDATA folders), so if you've ever played any, all your progress will be lost.

- Thrillhouse - 2010-06-07

thanks Bomb Bloke - this seems to have worked perfectly

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