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- Hackworth - 2010-07-03

Bilbo, are you sure MM isn't already running? You could try changing the port in the config file.

- HarryRosen - 2010-07-03

Hackworth that worked I used the drive letters no my homeserver instead of the unc and it moved. The only thing is the original directory in the complete folder does not delete but thats not a big deal. Thank you so much it was driving me nuts

I am still getting this error in the logs but i think it's because its a WHS adn the chmod cmd

20:41:15,042 ERROR [app.lib.cron.cronRenamer] Creating directory D:\shares\Movies\The Losers (2010), chmod: 511

- Bilbo - 2010-07-03

Hackworth, I changed the port in the config to 5001 and got same error message saying port 5001 in use. I did stop the service on the older version as well.


- Hackworth - 2010-07-03

Bilbo - You could try changing the IP from to whatever that computer's IP is, probably 192.168.1.something, also see if you have a firewall running somewhere that could be blocking it?

HarryRosen - If you manually go into the mapped drive and delete the folder does that work? I just want to make sure it's not a simple permissions problem. If the permissions check out it's probably just a problem with shutil.move and we'll have to find something a bit more robust. Either way, it should be a quick fix, I'll try setting up a Windows install tomorrow to see if I can duplicate the problem. As far as the chmod error goes, you can safely ignore it since chmod is for Linux/OS X permissions. It'll be simple to make it not try to chmod on windows.

- Bobb25 - 2010-07-03

This may already have been answered, but is it possible to have a catagory which includes: DVDRIP, R5 and DVDSCR? This would cover pretty much everything that i would bother to download with HD stuff reserved as special occasions.

- Hackworth - 2010-07-03

Bobb25 - If you're running from the github version, you can edit the app/lib/quality.py file and insert (for instance)
5: {'name': 'dvdscr'}
It should be self explanatory but I can provide you a working file if you need it. Don't forget to include a comma at the end of all but the last quality!

- RuudBurger - 2010-07-03

The quality is on my list to do. to make that more advanced and add more options.

The "error" of creating directory, was marked as an error, but should be and "info" log.

IMDB userscript should work now. Check the latest update.

- RuudBurger - 2010-07-03

New Windows Build, with latest fixes.

- Bobb25 - 2010-07-03

RuudBurger Wrote:New Windows Build, with latest fixes.

Awesome, thanks!

I presume there are plans to add alternate providers like nzbmatrix etc? This app would be perfect with multiple quality selection (including R5 and Dvdscr) and nzbmatrix api support. The IMDB userscript is just genius!

- hermy65 - 2010-07-03

First of all, i have to commend you RuudBurger, i have been waiting for something like this forever. After using this for a few days ive come up with something that could be a deal breaker for me. I added a pile of movies to movie manager and it downloaded 3-4 of them in 720 like i wanted. Upon watching the movies i discovered that they were for the most part unwatchable. So i went back and read the comments on the nzb and they pretty much said that the rips were unwatchable. Im sure there is no way to prevent this from happening in the future but i thought i would bring it up just in case someone has an idea on how to prevent this.

- RuudBurger - 2010-07-03

I'll add alternative providers, but first need to work on some other stuff. NZBs.org is fine for now.

Could you give me a link or name too a movie that is unwatchable? Maybe I can do something with the posted comments or something.

- Bilbo - 2010-07-03

Hackworth, I disabled my antivirus and turn off the windows firewall, changed the config to use my local ip 192.168... but still same error.


- RuudBurger - 2010-07-03

If you're on Windows, try running it as Administrator. Are you using any other firewall software? Otherwise I really don't know.

- Mrkennedy - 2010-07-03

Mine is running good atm, some small issues with files not showing up but downloading in sabnzbd.

If you can add these to the next update, or when you have time that be great.

Refresh/restart button - So can do a new search, if the movie is not there without starting it over again.

Posters for the movies - Make it look alot nicer i think

Not sure what this is called, but a small icon for the browser (like the golden arrow on sabnzb) as i've added it to my toolbar all i get it white block. Maybe you need a logo or something.

Thanks, great program so far. Very impressed

Seen a new update is out for windows, whats the best way to do this?

- RuudBurger - 2010-07-03

Just overwrite you directory, only files you should keep are config.ini and data.db.

Don't know about poster-images in the movie list. That would make for a massive height list when you have 30+ movies, unless the poster is really small. Which makes it useless.

Search can be forced via the "Force check" link in the footer. But when adding new movies, it does a search for that movie automatically. So if a movie is available right away, it is moved to the "snatched" section immediately and thus won't show up in your movie list Wink.
So a restart button should only be needed if you update to a new version or something.

And yes, I need a favicon/logo Tongue