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CouchPotato - Automatic Movie Downloader via NZB & Torrents
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CouchPotato (CP) is an automatic NZB downloader. You can keep a "movies I want"-list and it will search for NZBs of these movies every X minutes. Once a movie is found, it will send it to SABnzbd.

Please also post bugs & feature request on Github (link below), so I can keep a nice todo-list of all things I should do.

  • Automatic downloading and sending of NZBs to SABnzbd
  • Automatic downloading of .torrent files to a specified folder
  • Easy adding movies via IMDB UserScript
  • Movie sorting & renaming
  • Trailer downloading
  • Quality options to download best available. Overwrite if better is found. (See settings)
  • Support for NZBs.org, NZBMatrix, Newznab.com and ThePirateBay



Screenshot of the UserScript:

More info & download can be found on:
Windows Binary Download

I'm building CouchPotato in my spare time, so if you want to buy me a coke while I'm coding, that would be awesome!

Android Application can be discussed here.

When you have an error, or something isn't working correctly. Please provide part of the log file using pastebin.ca
Great! I've got exams at the moment but will test after they're finished. Been looking for something like this since I started using sickbeard for tv shows. I'm interested in how accurate this is and I'll be the first to suggest the following features:
  • Automatically suggest movies based on imdb ratings.
  • Post-processing ie. Automatically rename, add .tbn, .nfo files and update xbmc
  • List downloaded movies and ability to manually edit .nfo and .tbn files

You could probably borrow/steal some code from sickbeard if you were interested in adding these features.

Great work!
Thanks for the feedback, and will think about the features!

About the accuracy:
It finds movies based on name in a category (NZBs.org is the only nzb provider used now).
Once a nzb is found, it checks to see if the IMDB ids match. If no IMDB id is found, it looks and checks the year.

So if no NFO (which usually contains and IMDB link) is provided, it checks for year. If no year is found, it removes the NZB from the result list.
I haven't tried it yet but it seems like i could use this...

1) Option to limit the amount of movies or GB to download per day... The reason
for this is some people have bandwidth limits (i don't) and it would be nice to
have list of 100 movies we want and not have them all be queued in one shot if
it finds them. This is of course for people looking for old movies. I started converting
my 1600 SD movies collection a while ago and i am now at 950 HD and 1100 SD
movies. It would be nice for me to add all 1100 movies to your program and have
it "pace itself" when downloading the old movies... say 5-7 a day... i have 25mbps
downstream so it takes one hour to download 10 gigs but i want to save my speed
during the day when streaming the Slingbox and the evenings to download TV Shows.

2) Like i said, 1100 movies to go so it would be nice to have some sort of
import feature. Read all the folders in I:\SD Movies and add them to the list.
Or import from a text file with one movie name and year per line...

3) Have a setting where you say to look for a certain quality and if it isn't
found after a certain amount of time, download the lower quality.

For example : I want Ip Man 2 (2010) in 1080p. But i have been waiting for
that movie for so long that if the 1080p doesn't come out within 7 days of the
720p, just get the 720p.

I'll be checking out this program of yours pretty soon...

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I like the idea of this tool, will be sure to check it out later.

Pr.Sinister I think having an import feature is really on specific to your needs. I imagine for most people they will not want to add movies they have already got.

I like the idea of downloading the lower quality if it cant find the higher one after a certain amount of time, if this is implemented though I think it needs a minimum quality, I dont want to set it to download a 720p and end up with a cam release.

I like the idea of this new tool and will be trying it out in the near future. I like a couple of the ideas that have been suggested so far, namely, post processing and downloading a lesser quality version after a period of time. I too, have a suggestion. Could it be implemented to download or not download based on the size of the file of the movie? Also how are movies that are in 2 or 3 parts handled? Will it download all 2 or 3 parts of a split movie?

Will do something more with the quality settings, including min size options. Thanks for the feedback.

Could you give an example of a split up file?

I felt that maybe my answer to you might drift off into some murky waters, so I sent you a private message.

Latest version now contains Renaming and a IMDB userscript.
Hi RuudBurger,
Love this app well done for the great work so far, could you maybe add a to-do list in the first post so that we know where you are heading?
I can't seem to get it to pass the NZB to sab, could it maybe be that I don't use a username/password for sab?? All the log shows is:

ERROR [moviemanager.lib.sabNzbd] Config properties are not filled in correctly.

but I'm sure that host : port and apikey are correct.

Do a git pull and try again. I removed the the check for username/password.
RuudBurger Wrote:Do a git pull and try again. I removed the the check for username/password.

Thank you that fixed the problem Big Grin

Can I suggest that you add the ability to change the sort order on the home screen (title/year/quality/etc) and maybe some kind of post-processing script as in Sickbeard?

Thanks again!
Will there be a standalone windows version available?
Here's a few more suggestions after playing with this last night:
  • Deal with sub (and other misc) files when you move/rename
  • clean up after a move/rename
  • maybe have the option to use avimerge to combine multi disc releases when you move/rename

I am of the mindset that if there is use of avimerge to join multi disc downloads, that it should be a selectable choice by the user. Too many times multi disc downloads have audio sync problems that need to be taken care of first otherwise joining the files causes the problems to be magnified as the file plays. I like your other suggestions though.

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